Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dog beds please

I am completely paralyzed in that I have not done ANYTHING for this move. I haven't really bought anything (I have ordered the paint, kudos for me); B found a three dollar lamp base at a local thrift store (kudos for him), but really, we haven't done a whole lot. The fact is, I don't WANT to do anything until I have to, which is not a mature thing to do, but I don't really care. I might kick myself in the ass when the time comes to move and we are unprepared, but for right now, I want to drink my beer, watch the Dog Whisperer, and look at pretty things online. I'm hoping this beer will wash away the guilt of being so lazy.
I know that finding a couple of dog beds would make me feel productive. If you don't own a dog, let me preface this by saying that cute, modern dog beds are friggin expensive so I'm having a hard time finding two I can afford. I don't sew which doesn't help my dilemna, but here are a few of my finds.
I love the beds by Jax and Bones (I've posted a bed by them earlier). They offer a variety of patterns, which is helpful b/c pattern reveals less dirt.

"Illusion" $99 - $170

"Zen" $99-$199

"Willow" $99-$199

I can drool over these all I want, but unless I want to make the dogs share an x-tra small bed (hey, that doesn't sound like a bad idea) I better start looking at some other options.
I like this bed b/c it's a neutral color and the denim would make it a little tougher than normal dog beds.

"Premium Denim Dog Bed" large $89 and L.L. Bean sells replacement covers.

source: LL Bean

This is a large pillow "orthopedic" bed for only $46.85! The dog silhouette adds a little something extra.

source: Ebay

Suggestions anyone???


Corie said...

you buy the stuff, I'll sew your beds. It'll probably cost you 25$/ piece to do it.


Problem solved.

Christina said...

where do you buy the actual bed/foam/stuffing? a craft store?

Corie said...

yeah, you can get it at Hancock or Joanne's I think Hancock has a bigger selection (over by biglots and goodies... AKA: the sadest place in the world)

UU said...

i like the first two. Bristol sleeps in our sofa, and i have to keep buying new slipcovers for it...

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