Friday, February 22, 2013

Gift Idea: Handmade Wine Stoppers

walnut and maple wine stoppers ($22) by brighton exchange
quartz and druzy wine stoppers $40 by milk and honey
I feel like you can't go wrong gifting a unique wine stopper. Unless, of course, the recipient doesn't drink wine and then you can go wrong. Very wrong. But you and I are considerate people so we'd never make a mistake like THAT, now would we? Ok, so now that we've cleared that up, how about handmade wine stoppers in natural materials like wood and quartz? These are the kinds of gifts that are convenient enough to stock pile so next time your neighbors invite you over for a dinner party, you come prepared. Bonus points if you bring over a bottle wine too. In fact, if you're coming to my house, forget the cork and just bring the wine. We wouldn't need it anyways. Happy weekend! 


Katie said...

I've never found a use for decorative wine-stoppers. Because I never don't finish the bottle. :) But I imagine these would be good gifts for the lightweights (or more sensible) in my life.

Christina said...

Exactly! Rare is the day when we need to use a wine stopper as well.

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