Monday, January 7, 2013

Style Inspiration: Warm and Cozy

Layers, bundling up, and staying warm is my top winter priority although, admittedly, the South has had a pretty mild winter thus far. You won't find any puffer jackets here, thank goodness (not because I think they're ALL ugly, just 90% of them). Find more of my personal style inspiration on my pinterest board, i like your style. Also, check out this scarf tutorial to get the look in the last image. 
images: one // two // three // four // five // six


herecomesthesun said...

Even though I'm in the midst of my summer I have to say these pictures do make me feel all snuggly and warm and looking forward to winter! (as long as it doesn't come around too fast haha)

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I always love a warm chunky scarf in cold weather! It instantly makes you feel so warm and snug - though I like to finish the job with a hot chocolate too!)

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