Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art: Amy Robbins

These portraits, by UK based artist Amy Robbins were rendered using colored pencils. Colored.freaking.pencils. The third is image is actually a work in progress "that will never be finished, most likely." I think in this case, unfinished is exactly what it needs to be.
These images make me think I haven't realized the full potential of my prisma color box that has been sitting, untouched, in my art drawer for years. Wow. Check out more of Amy's work here and here


Rhianne said...

I always wished I could draw like this, these are stunning!

Stephanie said...

Wow. I didn't realize the first two weren't photographs til I read the rest of this post!!

Micaela // Drifter and the Gypsy said...

Oh my goodness these are incredible! They look like photographs! Or else they look like they were done with watercolors, not colored pencils. Amazing!

avant garde design said...

holy colored. freaking. pencils! soooo makes me want to get out the supplies too! and i really, really love that unfinished bottom piece the best. there is something so soft and moving about it. have a great rest of your weekend ;)

Anna @ IHOD said...

I saw one of her works in an article and couldn't stop staring. Flabbergasted would be the word.
So amazed by her talent.

agnes szucs said...

breathtaking! and it's colored pencil??? sheesh!

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