Thursday, December 13, 2012

City Skylines by Calm the Ham

A graphic city skylines series available over at Calm the Ham. They're available in three sizes starting at $27.99 and there are currently 12 cities represented. If you like these, you'll love Calm the Ham's Batman collection.

24 Merry Days:
Day #12 - Win a gift cert to Leif and some furniture legs over by Pretty Pegs at Mint
Day #13 -  Win gift certs to Umbra and Diament jewelry over at Little White Whale


Unknown said...

These are beautiful! They definitely would be a great gift for friends and family that live in those cities!

Unknown said...

Love! Love! Love! I'm off to check them out now! They would make the perfect gift. I hope they have Chicago! Merry! Merry! -Ann (

Anonymous said...

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