Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall/Winter Must Haves: Knit Hats

1// miss pom pom spot beanie $41.34 2// cross stripe hat $32 3// cashmere hat $68 4// bead dusted beanie $38 5// stripe merino hat $29.50 (on sale) 6//  dotted hat $35 7// winter breeze pom pom hat $19.99 8// moss stitch hat $19.95 9// dash dot wool hat $54 10// earlsfield hat $39.50

Not only are knit caps totally functional and a must-have when walking the dogs in cold weather, but they also make great gifts. #1 is my personal favorite and #3 would make a nice, luxurious gift. Which do you like? Would you give a knit hat as a gift?


catie said...

i would totally give a hat as a gift.
especially if i knit it myself.
i love knitting scarves, and i want to learn to make hats now.
wool and the gang sells kits which are pricey, but seem awesome: ♥

Unknown said...

Great gift ideas. I'm not sure which I live best. Great selection!
hooper patterson

Stephanie said...

My favorites are #3 and #6. And I already have another purple knit hat. Can you tell it's one of my favorite colors? ;-)

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