Monday, July 9, 2012

Gift Ideas: Jewelry for Girls

I do not have a little girl of my own, but I do have a niece and she's turning 8 this year (holy heck, how did that happen?). I'm thinking this might be the year to give her something a little nicer than hair clips and crayons. Perhaps some pearls that are still kid friendly? I really like these new, limited edition necklaces by Bloesem Wears, handmade by Irene Hoofs (details on the creative process and the materials used can be found here), whom you probably already know from her amazing blog. These necklaces are not only kid friendly but they're adult friendly too which might make the actual giving part a little more difficult.
Check out the full selection here


Claire Kiefer said...

I think it's so sweet to give a little girl a "real" gift--something she will surely remember. :) These are darling, and such pretty colors.

Lesley said...

These are gorgeous! This would be such a sweet gift for that little cutie. I can't believe she'll be 8?!!

cosplay costumes said...

These are so cute!Love the sweet necklaces!Definitely great gift for girls!

k said...

those are definitely so pretty.

Gift Ideas said...

I like it, you just gave me a good idea for a gift to my niece

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