Monday, October 10, 2011

Interiors: A Black Kitchen (and it's awesome)

Ok, so admittedly the kitchen may not be black but rather a very dark navy blue but I'm having to make an educated guess here so go with it. I've never seen a kitchen this dark that I've actually liked but the retro touches help make the space less serious and more approachable. And how about that porcelain cat? Perfectly kitsch and so realistic it's almost creepy. Check out the rest of the home here (the bedroom is all kinds of interesting). 
images: Home & Garden


Anna @ IHOD said...

I have always been a fan of all white kitchens but this one has me reconsidering...beautiful!
Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

The kitchen is nice, however the fire place is amazing too. Very stunning yet super simple.

Unknown said...

Beautiful kitchen. It looks like there's tons of sunlight, making the black (or navy) bright and beautiful.

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...

I love this kitchen! I think it works because of the open shelving. Makes it seem less closed in. Very bold design, that's for sure!

Beach House Living said...

I love, love it. Navy and white. Perfect!

Sécia Mischke said...

Who knew a black kitchen could look so good?

♥ sécia

Callie Grayson said...

I am soooo loving this kitchen!! I love that dark wall with grey cabinets!
and the vintage pieces are perfect

Aico Furniture said...

I have never considered black as the color of a kitchen nor for other rooms. But after seeing the above picutres I feel black can add a touch of glamour to your kitchen especially with colored and shapily utensils.

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