Monday, August 8, 2011

Interiors: Plant Life

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's actually more like a special talent that I possess. I don't like to brag but I have this innate ability to make plants wither and slowly die just by looking at them. This is why, when we attempt to keep plants in the house, I not only refuse to look at them, but I certainly won't touch them for fear they'll simply give up on life and dry up. Watering a plant makes me nervous because I never know if I'm giving them too much or too little water and judging by past attempts at keeping these little green friends alive, I am almost always incorrect in watering measurements. 
I'd like to keep plants in the house. I think they're incredibly charming and add an organic feeling to just about any space. With our new space, I'm going to attempt to turn over a new leaf and learn how to be more plant friendly. We currently have two plants on our porch and so far I haven't gone anywhere near them. B's taken over responsibility for keeping them alive and I can only hope he knows what he's doing. If you have any suggestions for resilient plants (besides cactuses, thank you very much) that I might have a chance of keeping alive, I'd love to hear them! 


Unknown said...

Impatiens! I planted some in a jar last summer, and not only are they fantastically resilient, but I managed to make three plants out of the first one. And that first plant is still going strong in my living room window. :)

Stephanie said...

Have you tried Schefflera? While I'm pretty good with outdoor gardening, I'm fairly hopeless with houseplants, but I've managed to keep one alive for more than 2 years now.

Also, African violets if you want something with flowers. Again, I've had two of them for more than two years and they're (amazingly!) still alive and flowering. :-)

Domestica said...

What an adorable post - if I took a brown crayon to each of these photos, it would look more like my home - I'm pathetic with plants. I love your home choices - just accidentally found your blog and I'm so happy!! I"m kinda a white + color + clean freak. Thanks!

drollgirl said...

lolololol! that is quite a talent that you have. bah! i have some houseplants. one of my CATS knocked a plant down from the mantle -- a plant i had had for OVER 10 YEARS, but whaddya gonna do. i have killed more than a few on my own, and so has the heat in my poor home, but some keep on truckin' for the long haul!

and these pics make me want to get MORE! more more more! but the cat situation is rather hazardous to plants, so i probably shouldn't.

Lesley said...

haha I have a BLACK thumb!! I can't keep a cactus alive. I was so proud of myself when I attempted to grow a garden this year- stuff started coming up (the seeds that the magpies hadn't gotten to!) and just as stuff started got eaten by prairie dogs!! It's really hard to grow plants I think, and if you have cats that eat all indoor plants like me it's even harder!

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