Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Hair + Happy Weekend

top knot with pom poms (found via miss moss tumblr)
Are you still rocking the top knot? I know I am and I'm loving this little edition of a bright pom pom. Aside from dealing with my long hair in hot weather, B and I have had an interesting week settling into our new home. We've gone from excited, to worried, to discouraged, to excited, to doubtful, to restless, to excited and the cycle goes on and on. We knew we took a chance moving to a new place sans jobs and we prepared as much as we could, but honestly, I'm not sure anything could have prepared us fully for this little adventure. I'm still thinking of it as an adventure, by the way, because who knows where we'll land when it's all said and done? That's life for you. One big adventure.  
Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Besides a trip to the flea market, I think it'll be pretty low key for us. Hope yours is great! xo
p.s. don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway where you could win any dress of your choice!


Bara said...

I really like top knots on other people but I have not figured out how to make one on myself and not look completely ridiculous yet. I wouldn't min the dress the girl in the picture is wearing hehe.
Btw I have a question about the giveaway - are there three possible entries in total or does following you lets say via both GFC and Boglovin count as two separate entries (and the same with tweeting and posting on FB)? Thanks!

Christina said...

@Bara- I sent you an email but wanted to respond here as well. You can leave up to 3 comments on the giveaway, maximum. Thanks!

Claire Kiefer said...

Job hunting is so exhausting, and sometimes spirit-crushing. :( I hope you both find something perfect soon. I know the right jobs will come along, but waiting is HARD!

Love the top knot. My hair goes straight into a bun as soon as I can't deal with it down anymore, every day.

gina said...

Yes, still love the top knot and my hair is almost always in one :).

Alli said...

Your top knot looks great. My shoulder length hair is unfortunately way too short for a cute top knot.

heatherheartsfashion said...

top knots will never go away, they are such a staple! you look great.

Christina said...

@heatherheartsfashion- that's not actually me, but thank you. the credit for the photos is located under the second photo. xo

Elizabeth@doievenlikethis said...

I am still trying to rock the topknot. I think I will have it mastered by winter.

I know what it is like to move and try to find employment. It can be a frustrating roller coaster ride. I wish you the best.

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