Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interiors: Orange + Aqua by the sea

I'm really liking the color scheme of this vacation home by the Baltic Sea as featured in Hus & Hem. I'm generally not a fan of the orange and blue combo (does anyone else think college football when they see orange and blue?) but the space is so fresh and the orange add a vibrant, unexpected touch. The little work nook tucked underneath the stairs is pretty charming as well. Check out the rest of the space here


Something Old, Something New said...

Love that little nook under the stairs - what a great use of space!

In Good Taste said...

Love that color combo!

In Good Taste said...

Love that color combo!

Alysson said...

haha college football! so funny...i I didn't think that as I browsed these gorgeous spaces. I like the combination and would have never thought it without see these. Thanks for sharing! XO

drollgirl said...

i like the light blue, but i am over orange. lol. i think it would work just as well to substitute another color for orange.

do i sound like a jerk? probably. sorry!

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