Friday, April 8, 2011

Foster Care Visitation Room: Color Palette + Update

Wow friends, so much has happened with this project since I first posted about it one week ago. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to ask for help. The outpouring of generosity, encouragement, and kind words have blessed me more than you can know. Most importantly, the help and support being given by the blogging and handmade community (and even a big company) will help make this space the very best it can be. Assuming I don't botch the design, of course.
I started out a bit backwards with this project. I started accepting donations without having a color scheme in mind, but I think I've finally nailed down some colors that I'm pleased with. These images have helped come up with a palette for the room:
korut via design for mankind
paul de luna
dadu shin
joanna rutter
(ma + cher)
juliana swaney for feed your soul
I've done my best to narrow down a skeleton color palette (obviously there will be lots of colors with the variety of art that is being donated.) Sherwin Williams is donating paint (WAHOO!), so I've picked a color that I think will work well along side the chalkboard wall that the county has requested. I decided to go with a blue/green/grey because B kept saying that my palette was too "feminine" and since I'm trying to stay gender neutral, I wanted to keep the wall color green or blue. 
There is no natural light coming into this room so I'm a little nervous about having one wall be entirely black BUT I think I've secured a white wall decal to help balance the black with the rest of the space. 
I cannot tell you what an exciting week this has been! I've really had to get over my shyness and start emailing people I don't know to see if they're interested in helping (scary!). Every time I've gotten a positive response, I can't help but run around and do a little dance and call B saying, "you will not believe what was just donated!" 
Here are the items that are on my current wish list for this room:
  • toss pillows 
  • a rug (this is the greatest expense and I'm not sure we can swing it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed)
  • a mobile, this one would be perfect 
  • shelving and/or storage for toys
  • a couple of mini chairs for the little ones?
There's still lots to be done! I can't wait to share with you all of the artists and small business that have donated to this project. Until then, don't miss the Fabric & Handle giveaway. I'll be picking a winner Monday morning. Have a great weekend! xo


Claire Kiefer said...

I was really eager to read this post and am so excited to see how the room progresses. Robyn Wells told me that she got in touch with you and I was thrilled, cause I love her so much and her work is incredible. There's no doubt that the room is going to be just perfect, and the county is so lucky to have someone as creative, talented, and connected as you are devoting her time. Yay Christina!

Flynn said...

Has anyone bought the swan mobile yet? If not, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Great great color scheme! I am so eager to see the after picture.


beauty comma said...

christina, reading about this project makes me happy! it's so great when bloggers are doing something to make a difference. this colour scheme looks great - and i know that the chalkboard wall will be very popular (i've got a whiteboard at work, and my little piano students keep signing it, leaving no space for the messages for which it was originally intended...)
have a lovely sunday, and good luck with the project!

Unknown said...

good on you to update us on the progress. really feeling your excitement, well done!

KC said...

what an exciting project! can't wait to see as you get further along!

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