Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outfit: Casual Chic Shorts

I used to be avidly against wearing shorts as an adult, but living in the South leaves you little to no options when the oppressing heat smothers all chances of staying cool. I've recently started liking shorts again but I still can't help feel like a kid wearing them.  This outfit feels a little more grown up, with a silk blousy top, high waisted shorts and chic accessories. 

Side Tuck Silk Top $80 via Topshop
Day by Day Shorts $47.99 via Modcloth
White Howlite Earrings by Laura Lombardi Jewelry
Medium Brown Multi $69 via Nine West 
16" canvas Mason Bag with Leather Bottom $79 via Hickoree's

The generous size of the bag is perfect for a weekend trip or for toting books and a computer around town.  The pop of yellow in the bag and the touch of green in the shoes adds some playfulness to an other wise neutral color scheme.  What do you think?  Are you at all apprehensive about shorts?


Unknown said...

i'm loven' the bag - there's a tool company that has a bag like that, my boyfriends dad has - and i'm SO wanna to take it .. hummmmm

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Anonymous said...

Wow, I dont often say it but i really love everything in this post. In an Australian summer, I enjoy living in shorts a T and thongs. It's not always glamourous but I'm melting so it fulfils the goal

lisaroy said...

I love everything here! The bag is particularly fab. Capri pants really seemed to replace shorts about 10 years ago as summer wear for women. Unfortunately now that shorts have been reappearing, I'm also 10 years older so the closest I would get would be Bermuda shorts! : )

stephchows said...

i live in skirts during the summer for this exact reason... I just can't pull off shorts! They always look off on me LOL

gina said...

I am against adults in shorts too! I opt for casual skirts and "around the house" (cute cotton shorts only worn around the house) in the summer.

I have been seeing a lot of people in dressy shorts and some look really good. Maybe I will reconsider.

On a second note, I am always going to be against men in shorts and sandals :)

erin said...

oh boy. this preppy chic style is my FAVE these days.


Jillian said...

Aaah that bag! SWOON! I think I'll pick one up...

Unknown said...

I love those bags! totally want one.

drollgirl said...

shorts. eeee. i haven't worn them in years. i pretty much prefer skirts and dresses to shorts, but the thigh rubbing that occurs to some people (ME!) in both skirts and dresses is annoying. so maybe i should try shorts. maybe.

and i love the earrings. i'll take them.

Staci Edwards said...

I love that bag! Would be a great addition to my collection!

Unknown said...

adorable choices. i'm dead - i like the bag.

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