Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Down & Out Dapper #9: Green Edition

It's time for our monthly guest blogger, Down and Out Dapper.   This series address gift and style ideas for men (duh). I hope you enjoy this month's Green edition.

Sorry to be late this month, I've been recovering from some awful migraines... So to kick off this week of green (Earth Day is on Thursday sillies), I've been takin' some pills from the green bottle.
 So good to me.

The weather is as nice as it's gonna get, so fire up that grill and enjoy the last few cool nights before the hot summer nights drip in.
Neatorama (Paper Mask Inlcuded!!!) $28
En Garde you tasty hamburger. Give 'em a flip with this sweet swashbuckler spatula. While you are at it, pick up the matching pronged for sword too!
The days are getting longer which means your man will be sweating in the sun while grill'n up his meat (not that meat...) so grab him a summer fedora to keep the rays off his face. Goorin Brothers makes amazing hats - the grip and quality will surpass most of what you can find for the price.
 Butch Vented Straw Fedora. $50
For those moments when you want to escape, or want him to, these Control headphones by Eskuche should help out. Bonus: if you are using these on a phone the built in microphone allows you to answer phone calls!

 Control Headphones by Eskuche $58
 When the lights go down and you are still looking for some warmth, try making your own sun jar. Of course you could always buy one here, or you can make your own solar powered one by following these steps.
 Sun Jar. Amazon. $30

Art Corner!
My wife and I have been on an art hanging kick as of late. Since I can't but all of it, I thought it'd be great to start introducing some shops and artists here.
Rainbow Lincoln via Justin Richel $15
Bike Love. eco-friendly? try eco-sexy! custom colors available. William Dohman $20

You Are Here Now this would be perfect above the toilet. Farouche $35

Just a reminder if you are a local Athenian: Thursday April 22 - Ghostbusters Group Art Show Reception at Cine, 10 pm with a free movie screening at midnight. Friday April 23, Live Free or Drive, a Twilight Bike themed Show at Anchor Tattoo and Gallery. Arrive on a bike and receive a free print. OMG!




That Sun Jar is so very necessary for my own back yard!

Be well.

Pretty Zesty said...

I love the sun jar too! That is so cool!

drollgirl said...

i used to be addicted to excedrin. i just loved it. two in the morning w/iced tea, and then two in the afternoon w/more caffeine. it hopped me up like you can't imagine. i know that isn't really relevant to this lovely post, but seeing that bottle brought me back to fond, highly caffeinated excedrin memories. :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

this is a great post....luvin it.

Diana said...

aw. i hope his migraine goes away.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

The sun jar always tickles me...should get it one of these days~

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

That 'you are here' sign is awesome! I agree. It would be perfect above the potty. : )

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