Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down and Out Dapper (Man Style)

{I am very excited to introduce a new series to Down and Out Chic entitled, "Down and Out Dapper." This series will be "airing" on the 15th of every month featuring guest blogger Keith Rein from Paper Thin (i.e. blog header creative genius). Keith is a good friend, a talented artist, but more importantly (for our purposes here), he's a stylish guy who's here to offer you the inside scoop on everything you wish your boyfriend/husband/lover/wanna be lover could articulate regarding all things man style. Keith is here to help offer a different perspective, Down and Out Chic style. I think you'll enjoy this. Take it away Keith...}
Well, I'm here to throw in a little man perspective on style and I'd like to touch on some of the topics these mid-monthly posts will cover.
Now, I'm not a guy who shaves everyday, but dammit! my skin can be soft too! Ritual has a great line for a man's routine from shit to shave. No... really, the Nature Calls product is an eyedropper, and two drops in the toilet before the brown goes down, and everything's all roses. With it's killer packaging, no man has to feel like a sissy with four different products for his morning routine.

The whole kit will set you back $79, but you can buy each item individually as well. It comes with Nature Calls, Razor Rinse (something every man needs), The Whip, The Balm, and The Trifecta (a face, hair, and body wash).

You're shaved, and now it's time to Suit Up!

Maybe it's because I've been watching lots of MadMen or that retro is always in, but handkerchiefs are coming back. Nothing too elaborate or bright, just a nice, white classic square fold will do.

Fun Fact: This fold is known as the Presidential.
Pair it with a gingham shirt for a sharp, creative look.
Yes, that's Zac Effron. Yes, you and your sister like him. But Dude looks sharp here!
From the Michael Kors runway show.
Now if it was only acceptable to drink like Don Draper in the office - Damn you Don Draper!!!

Probably my favorite thing to do between meetings, or during a conversation lull is to snap a quick photo of a friend and give them a furry caterpillar (READ: an AWFUL mustache)! This iphone app, 'stachetastic, allows you to do just that.

Yours Truly sporting an Arctic Walrus.
Stephen creeping out in what I like to call the Molester (he's single).
I'm fairly certain this one comes with a Motorcycle.
Gotta love a man with a little hair on his lip. or woman! WHAT?!

Adorned with your mustache you can now tackle manly adventures. May I suggest Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. This came out in April, and if you haven't read it yet, it is a perfect read for a lazy weekend or beach trip. I'd call it the product of Romance and Horror's one-night-stand, with Comedy watching in the corner.The same story yougrew to love, but with zombie ass-kicking. A new hardback version is due out soon, with color artwork. Don't worry, the original has artwork too.

...from the unreleased Deluxe Edition.

I hope you guys liked this little glimpse . If so, mark your calendars for the 15th of every month. More guys' style, tech, entertainment, and the occasional interior design or food spot will be rolling out. Let me know what category you are most interested in and I'll make that the topic of next month's post.


{Ummm, I don't know about you, but I think I need those Nature Calls drops...just saying. Please let Keith know what you'd like his perspective on for next month's post. Hope you enjoyed this; I know I always like hearing what the other cooky gender finds stylish. Oh, and please ignore that awful shot of me with the facial hair. Seriously, never happened.}


PS~Erin said...

Oh Christina, you are so cutting edge. Love it!

Nice to meet you, Keith.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Cool series! I had no idea that particular handkerchief fold actually had a name!

GUGAW said...

fab idea lady - and thanks keith! personally i wanna hear it all so keep it broad and varied!!

GUGAW said...

oh, and i am SO downloading that iphone app

bananas. said...

don draper...swoon! if only all men looked like him...

vicki archer said...

A great read...keep it coming. Thank you both, xv.

Beth Cyr said...

aww, Hi Keith! man-style... isn't there a store w/ that name?!

Gabbi said...

Fun post Keith!

Love the small tribute to the stache... especially enjoyed Christina's (makes extreme facial hair look good doesn't she?).

Also greatly enjoyed the fashion and product part, really clueless when it comes to that but I can see how that would be handy when telling the man in my life what to wear.

heisschic said...

well played, christina, well played. :)

welcome, keith!

i'd also be interested in reading about date night/ birthday plans. *his* birthday is coming up, and i'd love some creative ideas!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh, this is fabulous! Something my boyfriend will finally be interested in reading in the blog world! I can't wait to pass it on. Esp. the part about how to fold the pocket square.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Hello Christina & Keith!
I've been known to wear men's clothes...actually prefer the boy's department...fab post!


Anne @ The City Sage said...

LOVE this post! keith is hilarious and I can't wait for the next one!

p.s. keith, what are your thoughts on looking sharp in a non-suit environment? my fella recently left his suit-ish law firm for a casual tech firm, and has been living in his fleece. any tips on staying stylish without looking overdressed?

Anonymous said...

love the ginham look with the suit. genius!

great new series, girlie:)

flynn said...

nice! i'm so making someone with an iphone get that app. right now i actually have to stick things on people in real life.

inkWELL Press said...

You are too clever Christina - such a great idea... and I have to say I'm tucking that gingham shirt idea away to share with my hubby. I'm totally digging it.

Sam said...

Mad Men! Swoon! Christina - awesome idea! So entertaining - the secret life of blokes! You look cute with a mustache actually!! :) I love it ! By the way , I've tagged you if you feel so inclined...?

Iva Messy said...

WOW! this is such a great idea! Nice to meet you Keith.

Ok memorable things already about this series:
"wanna be lover" LOL
dammit my skin can be soft too (again LOL)
yes, you and your sister the mustache lol

ohhhh boy.....I'm looking forward to the 'entertainment ' part of this, but please please please I beg of you...I can't hear about another PSP/Wii/PS3,4,5,100/iPhone/MAC/ GAAAAA why why why?!?! it never ends lol :) no I'm kidding I can hear about it :) this is such a fun series

the 15th is marked!

Aline said...

I literally just stopped what I was doing to get the stachetastic app halfway through reading. awesome post...can't wait for more!

keith p. rein said...

hey guys! nice to meet you all, thanks for the great comments. i'm excited to get another post in front of your lovely faces!!!

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