Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One doctor and 60 bucks later...

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long at all to see a doctor and I was lucky enough to find an Allure in the magazine stack, so it wasn't that bad. Here's my problem though, do you ever feel like doctors aren't listening to you? For example, I say, "I don't like using antibiotics, and I try not to use them if I can help it." Doctor- "Alrighty, well I'm going to give you this antibiotic which will clear that infection right up." Me- "What about my ear?" Dr- "It looks like sinusitis." Me (after looking down and realizing what antibiotic he prescribed,) "oh, I think this medicine hurt my stomach in the past." Dr- "Really, why was it given to you?" Me- "Well I had this tick bite once..." Dr.- "ummm, no that wasn't the medicine. I wouldn't have prescribed that for an infection caused by a tick." Me- "i'm pretty sure that was it." Dr. -"No, I don't think so." Ok, I'M SORRY, AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? First of all, this Dr. was NOT the one who prescribed this last medication and just b/c he wouldn't have prescribed it doesn't mean the other Dr. didn't. Why is he arguing w/me??? Do I look stupid (the answer to that is NO.) Before I acquiesce to the Dr's advice, I ask him if I should keep taking my normal dose of Benadryl, which I responsibly wrote down on the 'Current Medication' section of the form. He states, "Oh, Benadryl makes a sinus infection worse." Well, I'm glad I friggin asked! Grrrr.
So I'm going to write my own prescription beginning with a long bath...
source: marie claire maison
And since I can't drink alcohol with the stupid antibiotics, maybe I'll indulge in some choclates.
source: Oakland Magazine
A cooling face mask might help sooth my sore sinuses. This one reduces redness and swelling.
Laura Mercier Hydra Soothing Gel Mask $32
source: Sephora
I think I'll curl up with some hot tea and watch 'Ugly Betty' (I don't think Betty is ugly, she just reminds me of myself in my tween phase.)
source: Newsday
And last but not least, I'll catch up with my favorite blogs. What makes you feel better when you're sick?


kuhkjhkh said...

Feel better!!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I think you are picking all the right things to do to feel better. I watched Ugly Betty the first two seasons, and then I missed the season finale, and then I couldn't start the NEXT season because I hadn't watch the season finale from the previous season. Man, I have to join netflix and catch up.

Feel better.

I just found your blog yesterday and really like it. I will spend some time catching up with previous posts. (You haven't written some season finale that I have to read first before I can catch up with the rest of your posts, have you??)

Madeline said...

Feel better! Kick back and relax...

kuhkjhkh said...

def not!!! I LOVE your blog!!

Elizabeth said...

It drives me NUTS when doctors not only don't listen, but try to finish your sentence for you... I'm sorry, are you me?! NO!! Craziness...

Feel better! Sounds like your remedy is just like mine. Soothing bath, comfort food, cuddle up and watch tv/movie and surf the net :)

Feel Better!

Rachel Follett said...

I totally understand your frustrations! I like to take baths, drink tea and watch movies on netflix watch now to feel better!

mandy said...

Hi! Just found your blog today. I hate it when doctors don't listen. I have been known to change doctors for that reason. I hope you feel better!
When I'm sick, I love to stay in my pj's all day and watch movies and nap. Maybe take a chamomile bath.

inkWELL Press said...

So sorry you're not feeling well... the dr. thing doesn't help much. If you are still wanting some natural remedies still, you might try adding some Eucalyptus oil to your bath (just a few drops) to help your sinuses. Also, I use White Flower oil - just a few drops on the palm of your hand (rub them together) then cup them over your nose and breath... works like a charm. Then maybe you could use your Neti pot. Hope you feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeesh--I've had doctors like that's like they totally missed out on bedside manner training.

When I'm sick? A hot water bottle, a blanket and a pile of magazines and TV shows to watch. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are feeling yuckie. btw they do not listen...never!

hot bath, indiana jones, and tomato soup with crackers. perfect sick day. is there a perfect sick day?! that is messed up.

i am thinking of renting ugly betty from netflix. i keep hearing so many good things about it. plus i love america!!!

Amy said...

Just came across your blog- I am such a fan!

I saw America once after a play on Broadway- she's adorable and much thinner than I would have imagined. They make her look so frumpy on that show. Good luck with the ear infection :\

christina said...
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christina said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick. And that's not a fun doctor office experience on top of it. Take good care of sounds like your'e planning some good stuff. I do the same when I feel crummy...mostly just baths and lots of my fave tv shows.

OK, So I tagged you today, but I just saw that you all ready played. Duh. So just know I'm sending lots of love your way. xoxo

kadler said...

Aw, sorry hon! If your doc isn't listening, just find a new one (if you can).

When I'm feeling bad? I sleep. All day long. Seriously - I could sleep for 20 hours straight.

Feel better!


Yep. I don't do "Doctors" any more.

To do list:
> salt water flush up the nose: 'Netty pot'
> no dairy, no citrus: both make mucous.
> get Mucinex D, over the counter: it's the only thing that brings it up and out, rather that trying to dry us out. "DM" if it's in your chest.
> Stop the sugar: for any infection, it lowers your immune system.
> Stop the red meat: it creates too much acid in the blood system (need more Alkaline), and it comes with parasites too.
>Tea Tree oil in the ear with a little olive oil on a Q-tip works pretty good.
>Anti-biotics will lower your tolerance for getting the same infection again, and at the same time raise your tolerance for that same anti-biotic so it will not be as effective next time: vicious circle!
> you can stick to the simple stuff: gin & tonic will not kill you; neither will vodka.

Be well. Be brave.

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, I cannot stand doctors and I always feel like they don't listen. I have had doctors tell be I may have everything from Lymphoma, Lyme disease, lupus to a rare joint disease --oh, and NONE of them were true but of course I stupidly paid for the test. Sorry to rant!:)

I think your prescription sounds like the perfect prescription. Feel better soon! xx

Carol T. Moré said...

OMG these chocolates makes me fell...
love it!
xoxo from brazil and u know, i already visited Athens, it´s a great city!

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