Thursday, April 9, 2009

Head torture

I read a statistic recently, somewhere, that over 60% of women that wear headbands report headaches. I am not alone! I'd like to think my big head is a reflection of my giant brain, but man do headbands hurt my head. I'm prone to headaches anyways, so I don't wear them often, but I love the look of a good headband. I've mentioned before that my hair is growing out from a very short cut, so the need to tame my hair is increasing. Here are my picks for some headbands, weather or not they'll hurt my head, is a whole other issue.
This simple beauty has an antique, romantic feel.
Beaded Applique Headwrap $24
source: UO
Gray is neutral and the flowers add textural interest.
Spectral Jessamine Headband $38
source: Anthropologie
I like the colors in this one (I have super dark hair so it'll stand out) and if it hurts my head, I've spent very little money.
Colorblock Striped Headband $1.60
source: gojane
The red and white has a fun, retro feel that I adore.
Cherry Wallflower Lotus Flexible fabric headband $9
source: Precocious
Does this look like an eye to you? Regardless, the colors are beautiful.
Peacock blue and green feathers headband $15
source: Elegant Whimsy
This would instantly dress up a white t and jeans.
Triple Band Metallic Elastic Headband $24.50
source: Jcrew
So my hunt for the painless headband begins. I'll let you know when I find it! Until then, any suggestions?


J. Cochran said...

Great finds with these headbands! I, too, have found myself suffering through a headband headache. Oh well. Nothing can cure a bad-hair day like a headband, so I guess it's worth it.

Blair Friedeman said...

I adore headbands--the way they look at least. But I too can hardly stand wearing them for very long. That red and white one is soo lovely!

b-chic said...

I just read your comment on my blog and I rushed to take a look at your blog .... and I was really pleasantly, affected by your taste and style in fashion, furnishing and lifestyle in general ... I'm very pleased and honored that you've left your comment that I consider very important, I have clearly been linked your blog among my favorites. I would really be happy if you'd add my blog in your links! Happy to have met you, I will stay tune for sure to follow your further posts!

Rachel Follett said...

Lovely picks and that is so interesting about that statistic. It really makes sense though!

Pretty Little World said...

I too get headaches from my headbands! Sadly, my favorite headband is the one that causes the most suffering :(

BTW, your blog banner is perfectly lovely!!

Courtney said...

These finds are all beautiful. I love the gray and red headbands you found!

I enjoy headbands but they often hurt me, too. I find that headscarves are the least painful, however, it's a very casual look.

I am on the hunt for an adorable think black headband with a simple flat bow. [I'm thinking a very Blair Waldorf look].

kadler said...

I keep buying the normal ones, even though they always hurt. I just only wear them for a few hours at a time. Mostly, out at parties.

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