Thursday, February 5, 2009

xyz, zipper up

I decided to wear a gray shift w/an exposed zipper (on the back) to work today which was an unusual choice as it's a bit shorter and I try to be as professional as possible. After my bad day yesterday, I was feeling a bit frisky this morning and figured if they sent me home, well, I'd be at home and would have a good excuse to stay there. Needless to say, no one has commented on the length, but I have had many comments on the exposed zipper, most having to do w/my dress being inside out. It's gotten to the point where after some eyes me curiously I state w/out prompt, "it's an exposed zipper, it's not inside out" and they always reply,"ooooh, b/c I was gonna say..."
One woman said, "cute jumper" to which I wanted to yell "it's a shift, a SHIFT people" but all I said was "thank you" while silently cursing her in my head. I mean who wears a jumper to work, anyway??? Last fall, exposed zippers began popping up everywhere, from skinny jeans to dresses to shoes and bags and swimsuits (yes, swimsuits). This is the only item I own w/this detail and I really like it, but I won't wear it to work again b/c explaining why it's special just makes it weird, and not special at all. Plus, there have been plenty of days where I've put things on inside out, but today is simply not one of them. Here are some other options for the office:

"Adam" $109

source: ShopBop

Skirt by Anne Klein
Source: Chic Shopper

"Marianne Dress" $109
(w/a cardigan or jacket...obviously...or I guess that depends on what type of office you work in?)

source: Quicksilver

Silence and Noise Exposed Zip Tulip Skirt $39.99

source: UO

Maybe the model below has this look on her face b/c someone asked her if her skirt was sewn incorrectly. It's kind of like the look I've had on my face, except not nearly at petulant.

Alexander Wang Zip Front Mini Skirt

source: Tongue in Chic


samantha e paulsen said...

what in god's name is a SHIFT? besides what i'm scheduled to work tomorrow morning...

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