Monday, February 16, 2009

Pea not pee

One of my favorite pieces of jewelery is a necklace that B gave me this past December (don't guffaw as I know you're tempted to do) but really, this necklace is well designed and very wearable. The theme, which is obvious, is quite sentimental but not over-the top or in your face. I have it in green, but you can get it in white if your looking for a more subtle trinket. The pea pod itself is quite small, so regardless, it comes across as a delicate piece. Find them at Rachael Sudlow Jewelry.
Two peas in a pod Necklace $37
White Pearl Peapod Necklace $40source: Etsy
Click here for more food themed jewelry.


Rachel Follett said...

This is so creative! Fun blog!

Christina said...

Thank you:)

Nest said...

I LOVE Sudlow. My mom, Nana, and I have always been dubbed 'three peas in a pod', so I got my mom one of Sudlow's necklaces for Christmas a few years ago. She never takes it off.

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, I love the one with the two pearls. very beautiful!

Lesley said...

adorable chris! i really enjoy your blog as well:)

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