Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving on up

My first night in my new home...I feel like I'm staying in a cluttered hotel sans the icky hotel smell. I'm exhausted but thrilled that I'm picking up internet (I know, I know, just for a little while). After a long day of moving, I am sitting on the couch in the kitchen with my two dogs who are equally as exhausted but can't relax b/c of all the new noises. How to relax:
If I had my teapot and mugs here, perhaps I would make some Valerian Root tea:

source: iHerb
Then a bath with the super soothing bath salt I received for my birthday. The spearmint/eucalymptus formula is great for sore muscles or if you're just feeling icky.
source: The Bubble Roome
Maybe a massage w/some "firming" oil?
Korres Geranium & Grapefruit Toning and Firming Massage Oil
source: Sephora
And then it's off to sleep in my new, light blue bedroom (if only it looked like this)...
source: LivingEtc
Any suggestions on how to relax?


Beth Cyr said...

Where is your new house?!

I find the hot bath, book and tea or... um wine, help the most with relaxing. I've been taking anywhere between 2 - 4 baths a week. I know its a waste of water, but my sanity has been more important! I use Kiss My Face Anti-Stress bath gel - its yummy.

Callie Grayson said...

Yeah! I need to remember this when I move into my new house in April!!! {reminder-pack box to open first for better 1st night sleeping with special treat for my dog}
maybe tonight, you can use a hot bath and a small glass of wine.

loving the colours of that bedroom!!
I hope you post images of your new home as you get settled in so we can see the transformation from new house to cosy home!

Christina said...

my camera has been broken for some time:( hopefully, we'll get one soon and i'll post photos. oh and it's snowing, hard today! in georgia!

Rachel Follett said...

Tea and a bubble bath sounds perfect to relax!

Claire Kiefer said...

Stretching! Stretching on my bedroom floor before bed always helps me go to sleep . . . that and red wine. ;)

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