Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lightening my load w/canvas

Warmer weather equals lighter weight clothing (obviously) but it also calls for me to put away my leather handbag, or faux leather in most cases, and replace it with a lighter weight material. Canvas is inexpensive, goes w/most anything, and won't make my sweaty arms stick to it like leather does (GA can get REALLY hot). Canvas can be dressed up or down and comes in all sizes and styles. I prefer a bigger bag in all weather conditions b/c I like the extra space for books, lunch, or magazines. Here are some options I came across- all under $100!
Leather-trimmed satchel $68
source: Gap

Canvas boardwalk city tote $68
source: Jcrew

Steve Madden Straw Clutch (ok so I'm assuming the "straw" is of a canvas nature)
source: Victoria Secret

Phoebe Canvas Tote $19.80
source: Forever 21

Flora Day Clutch in Saddle Brown $28
source: Lulu's

Taupe McCloud Handbag $49
source: Madison Gre on Etsy
I'm tied between the bag from Gap and the clutch from Lulu's. I can fit a super small lunch in the Lulu's bag, right?


michelle said...

i'm not knocking your canvas, but i refuse to believe that i shouldn't carry leather bags in summer. my love for leather knows no season.

Blair Friedeman said...

Oh, I love these! The one from Victoria secret is really beautiful--great finds.

Christina said...

michelle- i never said you shouldn't carry leather, i just get particularly sweaty in the summer:)

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