Friday, February 27, 2009

Knock knees

So I had a moment this morning when I became quite hypersensitive about my walk. Has that ever happened to you, when you're walking along and all of a sudden you think to yourself, "do I walk funny? Is my butt sticking out? Am I walking on my tip toes, etc...?" Well, I don't know what did it, but as I approached my building, I noticed my reflection in the glass doors and it appeared as though my knees were coming together in an odd fashion. This got me quite worried, so on my way to the elevator, I stopped two super nice ladies on our janitorial staff and asked them if they would watch me strut my stuff. After my mini strut session was over, they assured me that, no, I do not have knock knees. Whew...well, now that's taken care of, I can move on w/my Friday.
Oh and instead of being at work, I'd like to go these:

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source: DSW
Happy Friday!!!


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