Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I could eat you but it would hurt

Food jewlery. Sometimes I like the idea, sometimes I don't, but I always find myself looking at it. Some jewelers make unbelievably intricate pieces that make you want to lick them (or something like that). Anyway, here are a few of my favorites (replicas), handmade on Etsy.
When I first came across these mini grilled cheese sandwiches, I thought I would fall out of my chair. Look at these things!!! They're friggin' amazing. I might have to eat say 50 to make a dent in the old hunger pangs, but still...
The Clay Collection -the neat thing about this store is that most of the food pieces are customizable or you can ask the jeweler to make your favorite food.
Most of these earrings range from $15-$20
P-nut butter and bananas...anyone????

Ummmm yes, I'd like the blueberry pancakes w/whipped cream.

Here are some others to make you wonder why we don't wear our food more often:
Tatsuko "Sushi Platter" $26
CuteAbility "Eat Your Breakfast Necklace" $25
(please note the coffee mug charm)
PetitPlat Ham and Cheese Sandwich $14
Soopidgerl Fruit Cake Ring $15
So, in the end, I don't know how fashionable these pieces are, but they're pretty fun to look at. B says if I buy any of this, I'll never wear it, but I would definitely show it off when someone came over saying "omg, you have to see my necklace this looks like a real _____." Ok, I need to stop blogging while I'm hungry. It's tuna melt time (I wonder how that would look as a ring, hmmm).


keith p. rein said...

who orders a side of terds for breakfast?!?!?

Christina said...

uughghgh, thanks for ruining it.

UU said...

those creators are genius...

samantha e paulsen said...

the detail on the fruitcake ring is amazing!

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