Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm hurting after a full day of work and a night of painting, so I have no idea why I'm thinking about shoes, but here I am, so I'll indulge for a minute. The shoe that's been on my mind is the Swedish Hasbeen. Does it get any more bohemian than this quintessential shoe? Durable, comfortable, and increasingly stylish, I may have to invest (someday). I use the word invest b/c these shoes will cost you a pretty penny ($160-$240), but they look so comfortable and they make me want to go to an outdoor concert or blow bubbles... something wholesome.
They come in a large variety of style and colors. Below are my favorites:

source: Free People

source: Endless
So what do you think...yay or nay?


Corie said...

I like them from the front, but I'm not into the heels. Something weird about them, I guess? But you'd make them cute, I'm sure.

Christina said...

i agree w/the strangeness of the heel...

Claire Kiefer said...

Very cute with a below-the-knee-length summer dress, I think. By the way I love your blog Christina!!!

Christina said...

yay good to hear from you!

Daniele said...

LOVE them all. I'm getting the yellow pair.

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