Friday, February 20, 2009

Feed me, Feed you

I came across Feed some time ago and remember being really impressed by the organization, but I quickly forgot about it, until the other day. There was a small blurb about the bag in the most recent issue of Real Simple and I thought it be a good item to add to my "Do more w/your money" section. The concept is pretty simple, but the implications are certainly profound. Basically you purchase a bag made of burlap and 100% organic cotton and the organization (via the UN Food Programme) vows to supply one child with one year of school lunches. Some children (i.e. in the county I used to work in here in the U.S.) would depend on school lunch as their ONE meal for the day. Oh, and here's a startling fact-did you know that school lunches in developing countries cost 10 cents in US currency?
The bag costs $60 and can be used for groceries, books, travel, etc. etc.
This is the front side:
and the back:Feed has also come out w/a couple of other bags, this one feeding two children for a year:
Feed 2 bag $85
The cheapest of the bags supplies 100 meals to children in Rwanda and costs $35:
source: Feed Projects
So, next time you're in the market for an environmentally friendly shopping bag, why not get one of these? It could also serve as a great gift for that person that has it all. You're paying a bit more, but you'll be making a difference to someone, and as Visa (or it Mastercard?) would say, "that's priceless."
source: Amazon


michelle said...

i want the most expensive one. naturally.

Christina said...

it would look good walking around the streets of london...

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