Friday, March 1, 2013

Decor: Snug Vase

These geometric vases by German based Snug Studio are actually cardboard folded to create vessels. They're available in two heights- low and high ($17) and three colors- grey, copper, and white. Simply construct the vase and place over a small glass or bottle, and they're ready to. Clever design, no? You can shop the entire collection here or here.
Oh, and I blogged about Snug's jewelry back in 2011. I still want one of those wood necklaces. Two years later. 


| Harmony and design | said...

Me encanta. Son preciosos

catie said...

these are awesome!

k said...

ummm those are amazing.

Stephanie said...

Love these!! I'm envisioning either the copper or white one in my dining room... :-)

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