Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art: Hair Tools

 illustrations by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. 
I'm a little preoccupied with all things hair right now because mine is so out of control (here's evidence from this weekend if you don't believe me). I ran across these prints while perusing Rifle Paper Co and they got me thinking of a podcast I listened to recently about bobby pins entitled, Where do all the bobby pins go? If you're bored and cleaning and want to learn all about the history of the bobby pin, I definitely recommend it. These prints also reminded me that it's high time that I added this brush to my wish list. Surely spending that much on a brush means you'd never have to buy another brush again. Perhaps the hairbrush print will suffice in the meantime? 


k said...

the history of bobbypins actually sounds interesting to me, that would be fun. and where do they all go?

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