Monday, August 13, 2012

Latest Holga photos

I wasn't sure if my Holga 135 survived the smoke damage or not but it seems to have made it out alive. These photos were taken over a span of a few months since I've been rather lazy in documenting our lives on film, as of late. I am rather pleased with the first photo, a double exposure taken at Eno Quarry, my favorite local spot to swim. The individual shots of B and I were taken yesterday (yes, I'm growing out my bangs!) in an effort to finish up the roll and the last photo was taken a couple of months ago at an art/handmade market in downtown Raleigh. The fedora I'm wearing sadly did not make survive the smoke damage. I loved that thing so I'm glad this photo survives.
You can see more photos taken by my trusty little Holga right here including this bizarre double exposure from the art market. Cheers to a new week! I hope yours is wonderful. 


Lesley said...

i love these beautiful friend. sad about your hat but glad you'll have a record of its awesomeness. mostly, i real glad y'all are cute and happy.

Rhianne said...

Ohhh the bizarre double is awesome, you should have blogged that too :)

So glad your holga made it through the smoke damage but I'm sorry about your hat x

Samantha said...

Love that first one. Worthy of hugeness on some wall.

Lora said...

you're so pretty :)

Katherine said...

You people are gorgeous!

Christina said...

@Lora- you're sweet, thank you :)
@Katherine- ha! thank you!

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