Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I'm pleased to say I think I've written my most honest post ever (honesty is great and all, but its a little scary, isn't it?). You can't find it here though. You'll have to visit Reverie Daydream to read about what it is I wish for most in life. I'm warning you now that its not light hearted stuff, but it is real. And did I mention honest?

image: marina kochetyga


Callie Grayson said...

I look forward to reading about you and learning a wee bit more. You are one of my favorite bloggers and it's nice to read the real stuff.
Xx callie

Tracy said...

Brava... well done.
One does choose and one continues to unlearn. Keep taking the after market labels off your sweet soul one at a time, knowing the whole is still there, loving, perfect, untouched by the "stories" of the "not now". t

Karena said...

I have always adored you and your site. So proud that you were able to do this at Mel's. It is a testimony to your strength and courage as a woman.

Art by Karena

jdavissquared said...

Wonderful post Christina. I believe each of us does have control over our own actions and we can break those cycles. You are one wise lady, and I commend you for opening up.

Kacie said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post. I haven't had the easiest go of things either. If it helps, getting pregnant, having a baby and doing counseling throughout was exactly what I needed. Never been happier.


Rustika said...

BEAUTIFUL! Excellent writing, with an honest and sincere approach. I was really moved and inspired. Thank you and have a great day today...


Beach House Living said...

You have a courage and a strength that will help you find your way.

catie said...

i'm betting your parents never ever saw things as clearly as you see them.
you are evolving beyond your past.
you will be a wonderful mother ♥

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

You're a brave girl! Today you became a great example ;) I'm sure lots will be inspired by you!

Christina said...

your post was so beautiful. you give me strength. it's so nice to meet you. ; )


十十f十 said...

"Being creatures that adapt, we can get so used to darkness that we begin to see it as light. It's like swimming in a deep body of water, getting tossed by waves and then fiercely swimming to the top only to realize we've been heading towards the bottom."

i can resonate with this. how then do you get yourself out of this if you are to take ownership?

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