Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interiors: Casa Viva

My very sweet friend Diana recently took a trip to Rome and gifted me with the Aprile (see what I did there, I'm learning Italian already) issue of Casa Viva, an Italian home design magazine. I had to share a couple of the amazing houses with you because although I can't understand a word in the publication, I can certainly spot an exceptional interior when I see it. The first house is a neutral palette combining industrial touches with  warm wood and and beautiful architectural details.
The blue space is a all about pattern and color and I adore the tiles around the fireplace and how the pattern is echoed in the pendants over the dining table. The colorful dining chairs are a nice touch as well (and a pretty simple DIYproject to boot). 
These last two images are from separate houses. I think the orange wall consists of framed scarves but I can't be sure. The collection of framed photographs is traditional and lovely and I like how the extra photos that don't have a place on the wall simply rest on the floor. 
Aren't these spaces amazing? You know what's even more amazing? Friends traveling across the globe and bringing home magazines for decor junkies like me! Which space do you like?  

images: casa viva april 2011


Anonymous said...

gorgeous!! Love love the coloured chairs..

Emily L. said...

Nice! When I was traveling in Europe I collected design magazines from almost every country I visited. It's a great way to relive the culture there!

KC said...

Those homes are amazing! Next time I go to Europe I'm going to pay much better attention to the decor/design of various countries.

Ada @ New York said...

I love the different color chairs in the dining table .. what FUN!!!

Diana said...

I could be wrong but I think those scarves are Hermes scarves. So clever. Glad you're enjoying!

Sam said...

Gosh! How lovely are these! I like the way they have stacked all thos picture frames together like that in the last photo and the framed scarves are tops!

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