Monday, February 21, 2011

Newest Diana Mini Shots

My gorgeous sister in law with her Holga taking the picture you see below...
And me taking a picture of her with the Diana Mini.
I wish I had bought this chair found outside of a vintage shop in Raleigh.
Downtown Raleigh.  We really like this city.
Our friends' sweet little girl in the cutest ruffled jacket.
Inside my shower.  Quite literally, mind you. 
Happy Monday friends. How was your weekend? Unfortunately, B has still not kicked the flu so things are still a little out of sorts for us. The good news he was well enough to see family and I got a roll of film developed. Some of these are from these weekend and a few are from our trip to Raleigh a few weeks ago. Cheers to a new, flu-less week.
images:  mine, see from this roll  here


Wendy said...

Great shots! Don't you hate when you don't buy a piece that you're drawn to? It will eat me up until I go back with the hopes that it hasn't been sold.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

aw how fun! i love these shots. and that chair! xoxo jcd

gina said...

Wow Christina - these are gorgeous shots!

And yes, you should have bought that chair :).

muchlove said...

great photos! I love the lighting in the shower shot, and that little girl looks adorable.

Meghan said...

Gah, who knew a shower could look so pretty? Mine sure does NOT.

KC said...

beautiful photos! hope B feels better soon!

Samantha said...

You did the bangs! Did I miss this?

Hope B feels better soon.

Jennifer Young said...

christina! these are amazing! i'm especially in love with the image of the chairs and also with the light in the last image! phew! good way to end my day--thank you!

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