Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art: Wendy MacNaughton

These works are from the 'People' series by Wendy MacNaughton.  Her watercolor and ink illustrations are both wonderfully detailed and understated.  The subjects walk the caricature line finely without losing the emotion of a realistic rendering.  Wendy has a degree in both art and social work (I think we'd have some things in common) and has an accomplished an impressive amount of humanitarian deeds.  You can read more about the artist here and purchase some of her work here (or by contacting her directly). 


Rhiannon Nicole said...

These pieces of art work are way cool. Such a rad style! :)

Treadgold said...

This is my favourite style of artwork, beautiful line drawing with gorgeous washes of colour and even a quirky line to go with it....thanks for sharing I just visited the artists website too.

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