Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wishlist 10.5.10

I've kind of given up on having nice toss pillows since my dogs can't seem to leave well enough alone (one of them started eating cash recently for goodness sakes!)  Then, I happened upon Be Still, a handmade textile shop by an Australian textile designer and, all of a sudden, cute toss pillows have ended up back on my wish list.  Surprise, surprise.  This shop has a great assortment of sophisticated toss pillows in the best colors.  I want.

Pillow cover cushions by Be Still $30-$95


1x1000 said...

Pretty! Have you seen these?


For $9.99 worth a look into!

Ashley said...

I love Be Still. They have some really fun pillows!

Gina said...

I have the same problem - dogs ruining cute pillows, couches.... everything!

So, I have started making my own pillow/cushion covers. They are easy and washable.

leni said...

these pillows are lovely! just and FYI, did you know that target donates all of it's "extras" that dont sell to local thrift stores? I like to hit up my local goodwill to find cute target throws, pillows, candlesticks, etc. they're all new in the original target packaging and usually less than $5!!!

Down and Out Chic said...

leni- i didn't know that! i'll have to pay extra attention the next time i'm out thrift shopping. thanks for the tip.

Melody said...

I can see why you want them - they're charming!

letterstobetsy said...

these pillows are inspiring! we are in need of new pillows but are waiting until we buy a new sofa before buying the accessories.

TamStyles said...

i need to be still after seeing those. just as pretty as they want to be.

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