Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Shopping: Backpacks

Truth be told, I don't actually have a reason to carry a backpack but I want to have a reason because there are so many great options available this season! For someone that is not in need of a backpack at all, I've been posting about them an awful lot (see here and here).  I figured it was time for a round up of some affordable options. I suppose I could still get one for weekend trips maybe?

1) Thin Black Stripe Canvas Large Backpack $39; 2) Classic $45; 3)Backback in Nutmeg $28 4) Fjällräven® classic Kanken backpack $65 5) Kimchi Blue Canvas Backback $68 6) Rucksack Light Grey Canvas $115


Dreamy Whites said...

How are you?
I love all of your choices... especially the bottom left backpack. : )
Have a wonderful week!
Take Care,
P.S. I wanted to say Congratulations..I am sorry I am a little late... You and your husband make a beautiful couple!


I spied my old favorite of the duffel shaped back pack in army canvas green, out on the street, and then again in the natural banana leather from Bree.


mimi said...

I want a reason to carry a backpack...sigh! Those are so fun. If I went back to highschool, I'd be dressed way cooler this time around;)

十十f十 said...

love backpacks. these are fantastic.

monster cakes said...

These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I'm in love with all of LETSPLAYALLDAY's Etsy shop now, and I have you to thank. ( :

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