Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Shop Update

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!  I've been a busy bee playing and working, but mostly working.  D&OC shop is currently stocked with over a hundred items including lots of new stud earrings, clip ons, and a couple of necklaces that are back in stock.  Here are some of the newest items:
Clip-ons in  Pale Green Khaki, Chocolate Brown, and Light Lime Green.
Round Floral Vintage Long Cameo Earrings
 Lady Cameo Cocktail Rings in Carnelian/Ivory and Black/White
As for the "play" part of my weekend, B and I had a little date night last night and went to see Inception.  If you get the opportunity to see it in the theater (Sunday Matinee maybe?), I would definitely recommend it. The visuals are amazing (as is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face, but shhhh, don't tell B)!


hiyaluv said...

wow! gorgeous:)

Unknown said...

lol to your Inception commentary ...and JGL's face! Your jewelry is adorable.

katrina said...

i love the clip-ons! beautiful color choices with the cabs. :)

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