Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Thrifted Home

Cottonblue has the prettiest collection of thrifted items in her home.  Almost every picture of her home describes items from the thrift store and it's beginning to make me think I need a new thrifting partner.  Her finds are fantastic! 

{all images via cottonblue flickr}
You think if I make a visit over to Japan she'll go thrifting with me? Maybe if I ask really nicely? Cottonblue also has a successful crafting supply store on Etsy and you can visit her blog here.
For the record, the vintage shops in Athens are great, the thrift stores, not so much.  Maybe I'll take another peek this weekend. My home could always use a little sprucing up.  Do you have this much luck thrifting? Any tips?


muchlove said...

Oooh, so lovely! I've been wanting to decorate my place full of thrifted goods too, but I'm not having as much luck as I'd like (yet!).

Katie V. said...

I am always up for thrifting. Or J&J-ing.

georgia b. said...

LOVE her finds!

i have to say... i do always have a lot of luck thrifting. and i have people ask me how i do it.

i always say, just try to see things in the thrift stores out of their context and in the context of your home or the space you are looking for {or in the case of clothing, on your body}. a lot of times, things are passed right by, because they are surrounded by undesirable items, and people can't picture the good stuff as good, because it blends in with the bad stuff.

and in the case of clothes, i always tell my friends who ask for me to go shopping with them as their personal shopper, "it's not what you wear. it's what you wear it with." in other words, don't pass something up because it may look "ugly" on its own. try to picture it with something you already own that would make it super chic and adorable.

that's my best tips.

happy thursday, christina.

Melanie's Randomness said...

The thrift stores by me are really hit or miss unfortunately. I wish I travelled more so I get all these precious finds!! vie said...

I love thrifting...but, for me, it depends on the city. My prior city - amazing finds. My current city - not so much. I guess it takes consistent looking though and these pics give me hope!!

Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

I've found one thrift store that I can always find *something* in and it's encouraged me to check more out. I have a variety of thrift finds smattered throughout my house - lamps, linens, silver, books. Since I'm still nursing baby #3 I always have at least one "sidekick" with me, though, and it puts a damper on thrift shopping.

My favorite items are craft items, lamps, and linens. I bought a toile duvet cover and matellase bedspread with the intention of cutting them up and using the fabric, but the bedspread is a throw on my couch now and I've been using the duvet cover on my bed! After a sanitize cycle in the washer, of course. ;)

PS~Erin said...

I love it. I have to be in the right mood, and kid-free, but I love the hunt of it.

Bromeliad said...

Go constantly - like, every day. That's the only way I find stuff.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

We certainly don't have to be super rich to have adorable style... Sadly, my fave thrift stores have been disappearing in my city, but more are opening as well! Must simply check them out when I have more time to squeeze these days...

Kathysue said...

Someone has a very good eye to find hidden treasures. I will have to check out her site, thanks for sharing, kathysue

Life Smart it said...

so shabby chic ... love it!

flynn said...

anyone have any tips on making this sort of thing appealing to one's better half? i love these pics but have trouble convincing the boy that things like this should be in our house.

happy friday's eve :)
- f

Gina said...

I have a thrifting obsession! It is so much fun to look and find something for $2.

I rarely go in looking for anything in particular - if I do that I will just end up disappointed.

I try to just go in and browse.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, this so pretty! I want to decorate my house like that. sigh.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I occasionally have luck thrifting (anything could be anywhere), but I don't find much shop inventory there. I've had only two really good thrift shop scores locally - a Curtis Jere sculpture (which I sold) and a cool mid-century cabinet (which I kept). I dream of thrifting in places known for mid-century stuff - larger west coast cities, mid-west, and Miami.

JordanMayTwigs said...

All of the furniture in my bedroom is thrifted.
The only new thing I have is a trunk.
And I just purchased a hammock tonight to replace my futon.

My advise for thrifting is go in with a game plan.
And don't just purchase something because it's a nickle.

I live on the Jersey Shore.
Very close to NYC.
I've found some pretty decent finds here in jersey though.


the VG huis said...

I was flicking through flickr last month for some inspiration, and Cotton Blue kept coming up! I absolutely adore her finds too! I just started thrift shopping..I was kind of embarrased my husband complains that I really should wait to open the car door until he puts it in park??? hhahha..Have yourself a wonderful day : )



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