Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Bands

I know I haven't given you any detail on what so many of you have asked for: my upcoming wedding.  Well, that's mostly because there's not much detail to share at this point, but I did want to chat about my friend and amazingly talented artist who will be crafting our wedding bands.
Beth Cyr creates "unique organic metal jewelry and custom nature inspired wedding bands in 100% recycled gold and sterling."  You may remember here work from this previous giveaway
B and I will be ordering custom bands in sterling.  Here's what I like:

I already have a beautiful engagement ring, but it doesn't mean I can't absolutely want this ring too, right?  Maybe for my right hand?
Beth has been a constant source of support to me both as a friend, sponsor, and supporter of Down and Out Chic.  I'm pleased to mention Beth's work has made the Etsy Wedding Voter and she is currently in the lead!  Let's make sure she stays there. Please take a moment and go vote over there for Beth's work.  I can't think of anyone who works harder and deserves to win this thing.

If you're married, I'd love to hear something special about your wedding bands. Are they engraved?  How did you choose them?  Any advice is much appreciated :)


Jess said...

Oh, those are lovely!!

Our bands were handmade by Nick's childhood friend Georgina Ettridge - http://www.georginaettridge.co.uk/index.html

She does gorgeous silver and gold-smithing work!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I chose to have a band of diamonds for my actual wedding ring. It doesn't "go" at all with my engagement set-up (which is huge), but it's simple and elegant at the same time. I liked this style because it reminded me of my husband and what I love about him. Down to earth, reliable, and handsome. Congrats on your wedding and enjoy every minute of this fun time!

flynn said...

i proposed to my boy. i wanted to get him something sentimental but not fruity. his was technically a wedding ring but with words engraved onto the inside of the band so that it wasn't so public. it's a phrase we once found in sidewalk chalk (not something LOTR-y ;) the company i used could do something like 300 characters on the inside of a band.

have fun picking yours out, lady!
(yay beth! congratulations!!!)


Definitely can be right hand pieces...stack em' up~ LUV!

Anonymous said...

I love the rings pictured top, they look really vintage and earthy. I agree with you, Beth is very talented and will be 100% getting my vote :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! I got married last year and it's the best thing that ever happened to me! Love that vine ring the most!

stephchows said...

so beautiful! totally voted :)

Thea said...

My now-husband and I got engaged long distance, so there wasn't any ring at first. We played around with ideas for rings - sending pictures via email. I found a picture of one that I absolutely loved but it was in England, and I was in Canada and my then-fiance was in the US. He found the jeweler's website by researching what the ring looked like on the internet. He had it ordered, sized, engraved and shipped to him just before he came up to visit me and surprise me with a "ring-ed" proposal.
I am now living with him in the States, but he had the engagement ring engraved with "above distant, beyond close" from a poem he had written me when we first got together, but weren't able to live in the same country together.
2 years after we got married I designed my wedding band using my grandmother's diamond and took it to a local jeweler, who did an amazing job. (My wedding band has the diamond and my engagement ring has a green sapphire).
Even though the rings weren't made by the same artist, they were made organically shaped to fit perfectly stacked. It's all very nontraditional, but they both mean so much to me, as does he.
Congrats on your engagement! And you can't go wrong with any of the Beth Cyr rings.

drollgirl said...

these are simple and pretty. i like the ones in the middle best!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

My main diamond ring has engraving on the outside and inside. Our names are on either side of the diamond, in a scrolly font so that from far away it looks like a design, and close up you can read the names. Every time I look down I see his name, and I love that! Inside the band are the words "and two shall become one".

Rick said...

The shadowed vine rings are very interesting. That's a design theme that you do not see every day.

Seasoned with Words said...

All of those are so lovely! My wedding bands are made up of sapphires and diamonds. My mom has one that is also made up of sapphires and diamonds and I always knew that I had to have the same. My is actually prettier than hers now! :) I also had my husbands wedding band engraved this past xmas and it says "mostest" "since 12/31/98" He loved it.

DiamondsandTulle said...

Love Beth's rings! Congrats also to her success!
Our isn't engraved or anything. my band looks like a solid platinum band but it actually has 3 small diamonds set in it on top - only I ever see it, they're so small. It was a compromise of style between me and the hubs. The inside couldn't be engraved b/c of the brands info was already all in there. DH picked a Tungsten band because he love the color and look - but that too couldn't be engraved because it's too hard of a material.

Design Darling said...

you are too cool for ordering wedding bands off of etsy.

kirsten anneke said...

my husband and i wanted sweet rings that nobody else would have :-) so we went to the Stone Arch Art Fair in the Twin Cities (where we live right now...) and found a wonderful artist who makes silver rings using the disappearing wax method - they're amazing - and so unique! mine has a twist, and eric's doesn't and they look like driftwood or lava or something - I wear mine on the same finger as my engagement ring as it's white gold - and i just love both of them (our rings actually look sort of like the shadowed vine rings above - gorgeous!)

get in touch with me if you'd like a picture or the name of the artist who did our rings! I know we loved having options when we were picking ours out!



beth & cody said...

My husband and I went for wooden rings- made by Gustav at Simplywoodrings.com. They're just beautiful, and I love that they were once alive. Mine is rosewood from a recycled xylophone key, with a turquoise inlay. His is bogwood ( from a 300-year-old white oak tree that fell in a european bog, which stained it dark), inlaid with salt and pepper granite from our favorite climbing area. Totally customizable, beautiful and meaningful for us!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Jess said...

I'm way behind on my bloglines so I don't know if you'll still get this but... I also have a gorgeous engagement ring (with an heirloom diamond so it is super special to me) so I didn't want something too big to over power it. My husband and I found a local silversmith/craftswoman who hammered out white gold (to match my ring) for us both - mine is super slim and fits right behind my engagement ring and he's is a lot thicker. The hammered look is cool because it gives it good texture. It is similar to the subtley picture on your post. Good luck!

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