Thursday, October 15, 2009

Down & Out Dapper #4

Welcome to the 4th edition of Down and Out Dapper! This series is written by a very stylish male, graphic designer who's here to shed light on what the other sex is currently doing/needing/or just lusting after. Click here to see previous posts.
When Keith contacted me last night about this post, I realized that I had completely lost track of time. Where did the last month go??? Anyways, sit back, relax, and let's see if we can figure out what the men in our lives are really wanting.
"Hey everybody!"

Man oh MAN!!! has it been raining a lot in the South lately. I'm fix'n to build an arc, I swear. In the mean time, I will just continue to drool and count pennies until I can have some of this lovely rain gear.

Obviously you are gonna need a killer umbrella and what better way to slice through the rain than with this guy:

Ninja Umbrella $28(complete with nylon sheath)

I can't lie to you guys. I have this umbrella. My wife bought it for me... and it's awesome. Yes, I get zealous comments from dungeon masters and magic the gathering nerds. I've never been into either, swearsies, but it's worth it. The umbrella operates smoothly, is sturdy, and big enough for two.

Next stop on the nerd train is the Umbrella Corp. headquarters (think Resident Evil). This simple pattern creates the logo of the sinister conglomerate responsible for flesh-eating zombie breakouts across the globe.

...and for the pretty ladies reading this: the LIzzy Green Umbrella $48

We've had our fun with umbrellas, now it's time to get dressed. Although, I recommend doing this before you leave the house... unless you are headed over to my place... Most rain coats tend to be roomy and straight up ugly! They look more like workout clothes and the trenches have enough room to fit a shotgun. Which is good for the zombie apocalypse, bad for look'n down and out dapper. I will stick with my canvas or nylon jack under a functioning umbrella, but if your guy must have a proper rain coat take a look at these:

Scotch & Soda. This parka hits a bit past the thigh for ultra protection. nothing like being too safe, eh ladies? It also has a nice silhouette without the extra fluff. AND it's on sale right now!!! $153

I like the motorcycle jacket inspired wrist zippers and collar on this. Banana Republic $200

This one is more my speed: mod, slim, with notes of a trench and moto jacket. $200

I saved my favorites for last. You probably don't know this yet (it has only been 4 posts) but I've got a thing for a nice pair of shoes. I don't know where this lust came from, but the only thing I can do is feed it. And these guys are the main course:

Tretorn Klipperone Boots Leather with rubber soles. $145
I've never seen a man pull off a pair of galoshes with the finesse and playfulness of a lady. So your men should probably avoid them. However, this low pair, also by Tretorn, may be the exception.

I feel like this boot is a clash between military and punk, and I LIKE it! Bed Stu Rye Boot $135
Since it is October and Halloween is around the corner - I wanted to leave you all with a little gift.
"Zombie Glamour Shots also available in Wallet Size" - Keith P. Rein

I recently found my oldest sister's Glamour Shots photo from nearly 2 decades ago. Being the loving brother I am, I created this digital illustration of her as a zombie and offer it to you guys as a holiday iphone wallpaper.
Not into zombies that much, but love Halloween? Here is the pattern I made as the background. Saw blades, shotguns, and blood, OH my!

Happy Halloween!!!
Thanks Keith for another great post! Here's the Down and Out team enjoying a beer and talking about all things stylish (bahahah, or not).


Arianna Belle said...

Very entertaining post! Loving those Tretorn Klipperone boots and that "Ninja" umbrella for my husband!

stephchows said...

I want to buy that last raincoat for myself hehe :) And I bet your sister loves you for the zombie pic :D

Travelin Through Life said...

I loved the post the umbrellas are awesome! Zombie picture was priceless I can't believe that's almost here!

Swetha said...

ha ha :) a funny post! The Zombie picture is cool

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Great selections...especially the Ninja piece! I like the rain cos' I don't have to wash my car!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Very fun post, I like the humor he uses to describe these stories ;O) I love playing around with photos of my friends and family too, it is a lot of fun! ;O)

Julia said...

Okay, that slim trench coat is divine!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Great post, I love it all !

Kristen said...

That ninja umbrella cracks me up!!!

And Christina- I left a little bloggie award for you on my post today!

stylefrontier said...

ninja umbrella? awesome! lol
and the boots look nice

Sam said...

Always a treat to read your mate's post! He's got a sense of humour that one - no wonder you get on! Cute piccie too!

Diana said...

I've been looking for a pair of shoes that won't make Scott slip and fall and keep his feet dry. I'm checking these out now.

Aline said...

I love his posts! I think that hub would be into those first shoes....and that crazy umbrella!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

What a great series! I'm new to it! But now I know where to come for gift ideas of the opposite sex...thanks!

Anonymous said...

The third jacket is awesome! Christmas presents ahead of time perhaps?

Blair Friedeman said...

Love the last two jackets--definitely be attracted to any many wearing them:) And love the team photo!

Rachel Follett said...

That ninja umbrella is so cool beyond words. He has great taste for a guy! ;)

Meghan said...

LOVE his posts- always so clever.
and like all my fellow readers: I too love the ninja umbrella.

katrina said...

I love the lizzy green umbrella! It was pouring on Tuesday and I was drenched from head to toe within seconds of leaving my home. Mind you, I was carrying an umbrella, but I don't think it was big enough for maximum coverage.

Iva Messy said...

genius!! great umbrella choices. hehehe really? his sister? hmmm almost makes me glad I dont have siblings. almost. but no..I'd like a brother :) lol

Maryam in Marrakech said...

Hillarious. And are you available for husband training? Requires travel to Marrakech.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Those Tretorn boots are totally hot. Um, I mean what cool taste you have! (but seriously, my husband needs those boots...)

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