Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stop hating

Ok, I'm going to preface this post by saying it's going to be a bit different than anything I've done before but this week has been a little different so why not go with the flow?
I'm not going to say all the trite thing I could easily write about (i.e. low self esteem, eating disorder, blah, blah, know the drill) concerning body image because that's not really what I'm shooting for. For me, the image above is pretty powerful for the obvious reason but also because it's a reminder that when we truly love ourselves we're able to give out a more sincere, lasting, and powerful love to others.
Dearest reader, I want to know what you love about yourself whether it be a physical trait, a personality trait or both. I need a pick me up this week and I think this would be really encouraging to me and to anyone who reads this blog.

I'll go first and I'm going to tell you two things I love about myself, physical and non physical.
1) I love my arms. I used to play softball when I was younger and the muscle tone has remained with me...I like flexing because it makes me feel strong.
2) I love that even after all the horrible things I've seen in my life, whether it be my own experience or in working with child abuse, I still believe there is goodness in people. I love that I still seek beauty where others would not.
So, are you up for a revolution?
{I'll be back with more style related posts later}


Ginger said...

Love that pic;)

It's so true, but it's amazing how hard it is to do. We've become a society that doesn't know how to take compliments; we belittle ourselves because we think it's "good manners", until it becomes low self-esteem, and we truly think we don't deserve praise. I've been reading a book by Jillian Michaels, and one thing she said that nearly blew the top off my head: "Selfish is not a four letter word. It just means you care enough about yourself to take care of yourself."

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

What a wonderful reminder for all of us. When everything and everyone is telling us what is wrong with us, it is wise to remember that despite all the negative suggestions, each one of us is uniquely made and wonderful in our own right. Thanks for the reminder.

heisschic said...

it really is amazing how differently our self perception can be from reality...

1.) physically: i like my back. i think most backs are extremely attractive, but the years i spent swimming helped me feel proud of mine. im confident in the way it looks, and it's very sensitive so back rubs feel absolutely delightful.

2.) i like that i can be witty. sometimes my jokes fall completely flat, but at other times i've pulled the perfect one liners that make people laugh (even when they dont want to). i like that i can make people smile when they dont expect to.

im working on seeing more goodness in people. that really is a gift.

Adorably Distracted... said...

Great post and it really hits home that maybe I should stop finding fault in myself on a daily basis. Thank you for posting this.

Physically- my smile. My parents spent a couple grand on braces so I better like it lol I also have always been attracted to eyes and a smile. I think the best thing you can do in a day is smile at the people you pass. A smile means the same thing in every language and you never know if that's all someone needed to turn their day around.

2. I like the ability that I enjoy hearing criticism (if delivered correctly) to help me grow. I'm glad that I believe there are two sides to every story and that I am willing to understand both and be ok with that.

♥Aubrey said...

I love it! People tend to forget to loves themselves first and foremost for who they are, not their image.
Isn't it great how sports give us strength in areas. My arms have remained toned too. Thanks to softball, volleyball & tennis :)
~Your blog is very inspirational~ Thank you!

nicole addison said...

what a great idea.. i always need little pick me ups like this too.
alright lets see what i come up wtih...

physical.. no lie if i fell from a 4 story building and landed on my butt i'd be ok. i have enough cushion back there to fill out the best jeans and id like to think josh likes it too ;)

i like that i seem to find the best in everyone. people usually don't get on my nerves too easily, id say you would have to do a lot to genuinly make me angry or make me not like you. i hate it when people judge me so i like to stay open to everyone else.

thanks for this sweet post :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Perfect timing for this post. Listen to this:

My beautiful, petite (not that that matters) friend Tara had been dating this guy for about two months. She is incredibly strong, independent, and PICKY (she doesn't date very often because she has such high standards!). After two months, the guy began to pull away . . . the typical "I'm scared of commitment" move. He came over to her house so they could talk about it, and just when they were reconciling (she lying in his arms, he stroking her hair), he said this (verbatim):

"I mean, if you were a size 0 we could just get married right now. It would just be a lot easier to commit to you if you were skinnier."

Now, you may have my reaction: "Bad joke, but surely he was kidding." But indeed he wasn't. She flew into a fit of rage (of course), and he defended his position.

No wonder so many women are so hard on themselves when this is how they are treated!!!

p.s. I love my legs even when they are bruised and less toned . . . they are strong and have taken me so many places!

pranksygang said...

lovely posT!... that pic is cute!

Lauren Jade said...

in reaction to Claire's comment.."O-M-G!" if a guy ever! said that to me...I'm not sure he'd still have man parts. wow. women need to just exude confidence and hold our head highs because we are all beautiful and strong!

cassi rash said...

That is a super cool pic!
Physically, I've always liked my hands. They're not extremely small or dainty, but they're feminine.
Non-physically, I've always had stellar confidence-even when I shouldn't (you know like during 2nd grade with braces AND glasses and that perm *lol*) and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I didn't realize that that was necessarily a positive thing until my boss commented on it the other day.


Oh, I Love my Beautiful body!..;P

I am bigger than I ever have been before, and overflowing my 'fat' jeans, and outstretched my tees but, I still love to look at it, show it off.

I always pull my shirt up to show off my tummy roll to my girl friends to give them a giggle.

I had been unknowingly sick for several years.
First my weight went up, then settle down, and then the nutritionist put me on a very strict diet that made me look unrecognizably malnourished. Recently I spent time with an alternative-healer who told me over and over.."just stop worrying about the food"!
So I don't. And I everything and love it. I eat well and often.
My skin has healed up, finally. My hair is growing back happily. My shape is changing, and I am changing along with it.
I just get a giggle when I look down. ;P

off switch designs said...

great post... it really made me think (and i love reading what everyone else wrote).

1. i love my face (trust me, i'm no model though). but i have a faint scar on my left cheek that i absolutely adore and a nose just like my dad's side of the family (fairly large, but mine). and my haircut, i finally found a look i'm in love with - makes me feel good when i go outside.

2. my sense of humor. my older brother thinks i'm pretty funny and when he says that it makes me feel good. i try my darnedest to empathize with people even if i haven't gone through what they have.

(my goal for this year and the rest of my life: "judge less, love more").

abby jenkins said...

How serendipitous...I was just thinking how happy I was that I went for a big hike today with Cheddar, my pup. Yesterday at this time I was feeling out of shape and chubby. Taking that first step to feeling better...which always makes you look the change I need. Thanks for the post. I love my life and you blog!

Islandia Lane said...

We all have our moments and the fact that you are taking the time to post something that isn't in the 'norm' of your day to day posts makes your blog even better.
1 - I love my smile/high cheek bones. People always tell me that my smile is infectious and the simple fact that I can make someone else happy even for a moment makes me shine even more.
2 - I love my outlook on life. I have my moments when I'm sad but overall I'm always a happy person. I know that other people have it worse and as it goes, life does go on. And I've always been one to bounce back and make of my life just what I want or at least close enough.
Thank you for this post - it's nice to be forced to think of the simple things we so commonly overlook.
Cheer up - life is good. Life is good.

Sam said...

How true! I think the inclination to run ourselves down is also part of "fix the faults" thing too. We ignore the loveliness of our body and just focus on things that need "improving". It's good to be reminded to count my blessings! Thank you for a sweet post!

Nessa said...

1) I love my neck. I think that when you hold your head up high, there is nothing more graceful than a womans neck and collar bone area.
2) I love that I always look for the positive in all things, situations a people. Many things have a reason, and moments that seem to be bad have a way of leading us down a new path that is better for us.

Kristin said...

Hard thing to remember sometimes! I love my hair (super thick thanks to my dad's italian genes) and I love how much more laid back being a mother has made me. Thanks for the wake up call! Maegan said...

it's much easier to come up with things I hate rather than things I love ...but I'll try.

ummm. 1. I love when I do what I know I should be doing as far as taking care of myself. but mostly I do not ...I guess it's just so I have one more thing to hate.

2. I used to love my butt lol it's droopy. but if I were doing #1, I would love it again. See :)

Gabrielle said...

1.I love my butt, after running for 2 years, I think it's so cute(it used to not look so cute)

2.I'm a postive person, I have hope, why go the other way? let the force be with you!

GUGAW said...

Great post and really nice to read through the comments. I've actually been starting to feel quite different about my body, particularly since i've been going to the gym. Sure the exercise makes me feel better, but I think the biggest change has been due to seeing all the different (nakey!) bodies....and realizing that boobs, bellies and bums (and the rest) come in all different shapes and sizes and.....that's ok. No, it's great!

So, I think I quite like my 'peachy' bottom hehe! And I like my resilience and inner strength, I like to feel I'm a bit of a warrior....Pictish style maybe!

Simply Mel said...

Excellent post!
I love how my body feels after a yoga practice. I love how after giving birth to my 16-month old daughter, my husband still thinks I am a hot and sexy wife. I love that I am a woman, and I am strong enough to chase my dreams and enjoy the ride. I love the beauty of all women no matter the physical differences because to me, there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who loves the 'shell' she was blessed with from the beginning. Here's to the 'loving yourself' revolution!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

this is hard. ok...
1. i love my hair. (i.e. on a good hair day, otherwise i hate it.)
2. i love that i can laugh HYSTERICALLY with my kids.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

I love my dark brown eyes--they're just like my dad's.

I love my blonde hair--i share my natural shade with my mom and my sister.

Looking in the mirror is like seeing my family even when i'm far away from them.

LOVE this post.

jess@noelmarie said...

Great post! I agree that we should start looking at the positives of who we are. You know, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, or thinner. So why keep comparing yourself? Life gets so much easier when you don't worry if those little love handles can be seen through your shirt. Done with it.

Kellie said...

I love that 9 times out of 10 I find the positive in everything.
I love how deep brown my eyes are and how my freckles come out in the summer (even though it makes me look like I'm 12.) :)

Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post for a rather drab wednesday!

1. Physical: I really like my skin. I'm your classic white-as-a-sheet Irish Swede. I burn pretty easily and while I get some freckles in the summer, I'm typically snow-white all year. I constantly have strangers or coworkers say "Girl, you need a tan!" Sigh. The only time I got a tan (in Hawaii) was after the sunscreen washed off my shoulders and upper back while snorkeling. After 6 days of an awful burn I had about 4 days of a tan before the horrible itchy peeling began. No thank you.

2. I love making lists, and I love that I have them for all kinds of things and always can track down the right info. Boyfriend's aunt's address? Got it. The name of that guy I dated briefly my sophomore year of college. Got it.Who is allergic to walnuts and zuccinni? Why that would be Boyfriend's friend Sean.

ticklishfromadistance said...

I am in!!!!

Bromeliad said...

I love that:

1. I could put a much longer slogan on my gut.

2. And an even longer legal disclaimer on my rear.

carly said...

you go girl!
i love this revolution.
i think it's time that we take back our beauty from the mainstream media and support each other. we need all the help we can get.
i love my body, i'm a plus size girl.
some people think that's crazy.
but who cares. they are just jealous that i love myself that's all.

you ll should check out the beautiful women project.
i volunteered when this art show was in my hometown.
it really helped me appreciate my body more.

TheBeautyFile said...

omg...did you see my post yesterday? kind of the same idea! keep on spreadin' the self-worth sista!!! woo hoo!

come check mine out & see what I said!

Amber said...

Very powerful image--love this post!

I love my legs, they are strong and muscular from all the running I do!

Needs Help said...

I love where I am in my life right now. My life is a real mess right now, but I've finally just accepted it. I've got great friend and family and know it can only get better!

Also I really love my hair and secretly think I could be in shampoo commericals if I didn't live in such a nothing town!!

Rachel Follett said...

I like your arms too! Great post!

Physically I like my height. I am 5'10" and I used to hate it but now I love it. I also love that I can now not take in peoples negative energy like I used to. When people are mean I know that it is something in them and that sh*t does not belong to me. :)

Haven and Home said...

What a wonderful idea for a post. This was such a positive thing to read. I like my smile and I like that I am kind.

Anonymous said...

love it! About a year and a half ago, I gave up tanning beds and hydrogen peroxide (buh bye barbie), and now I'm learning to love myself as a pasty-skinned brunette. It's so much easier to eat healthier and take care of myself when I'm not always trying to be something I'm not.

Amy said...

hmmm - this is hard as I am not liking much about myself
1. physically - my behind - I have fallen on it many times and it has not broken...
2. personality trait - I can always (well usually) make people laugh - through humor or my clumsiness...

down and out chic said...

oh no! i forgot to say this image is via We Heart.

drollgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sherri said...

fantastic post!
I dig my legs and my sense of humor.

PS~Erin said...

I think this is such a great post... It's so tough to think of this in first person.

I like that I can eat ice cream often and not immediately see the effects.

I like that I try to see the good in people.

Thanks for urging us all to do so.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Now that is a damn good post - kuddo's to you.

1) I love my eyes. God skipped me on the great legs or ample bosoms, but I've got eyes like the ocean.
2) I believe in the act of kindness. Corney, but I believe that you should treat others, how you would like to be treated. More than naught it breaks my heart at the lack of kindness in return, but at least I try.

I needed that today. Thanks for reminding me the good in us all ♥

Quixsa said...

Your blog almost made me cry. I adore this photo and find it more powerful than any other message about loving and accepting one's self.
I hope that you still seek the beauty that others cannot see.

1. I like my eyes. Windows to the soul and all
2. As exhausting as it is, I love the fact that I am passionate about so many ideas, concepts, events, and people that it becomes hard to concentrate on one thing for too long. I love the new experience of it all.

christina said...

I can't even tell you how much I needed this post today. I've been having a bad self-esteem spell for a while now. So it's kind of refreshing to stop dwelling on all the things I dislike about myself and find something I like about myself.

I, too, like my arms. I was really athletic in my younger years (gymnastics and softball) and it's crazy how the muscle tone stays with're so right. I like my freckles. It took me a while to appreciate them, but I finally like them.

I also love my sense of devotion. I would do anything for my friends and family...even if it means sacrificing my time or my sleep.

Thanks for such an uplifting post today!

Blair said...

oh, wow!@ What a wonderful and power image and post! I love collar bones and that I try to seek the wonder that a child would in things!

~ ennui ~ said...

o.k.- now look what you've done......started something big that's what. love it!

1)I'm 43 and have begun to show a few wrinkles around the eyes- despite this they are my best feature.

2)I'm open minded and accepting of all- always have been and always will.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Woohoo! Love this. I find that as I get older, I just don't have the time or energy to hate my body as much, so yay. I've just learned how to dress to hide the things I'm not crazy about :)

My favorite body parts? My legs. They're pretty hot from tromping around Hong Kong.

Federica said...

Great post! This photo is beautiful and you make me think with this post.
I love my body even I know that is not perfect...but imperfections are beautiful and make us unique...don't you think?
What I love most are my eyes!

Jennie Bee said...

Great Post! I'm up for it!
1. I love my eyes and smile
2. I love my bubbly personality and sense of humor.

MelanyTN said...

What a nice post. I didn't see it yesterday - but right now is a perfect time for me to think about this and answer.

1) I love my BIG brown eyes.

2) I love my sense of humor and the fact that I can make (some) people laugh.

Hanako66 said...

wonderful post:)

physically-I like my legs...I was a dancer and they still look pretty good.

I also love my temperment. It takes a lot to get me fired up and I feel that really helps me in life. Most consider me to be a very "nice" person because of this.

Gabbi said...

Wow, I really like the idea behind your post... I'm having a really messed up day though so I don't think I can come up with what I love about me. Positive thoughts are hard to muster up right now. But I"m going to try to steal it and write about this on my blog soon (when I feel better). Hope your week is going much much nicer than as previously described in your post. xo

Elizabeth Marie said...

This is AWESOME. Thank you so much. What a great reminder.

I hate on them too I'm going to work on that...SO I love my boobs. Big. Make me self conscious but I'm just going to hold my head up a little higher after reading this. Thanks girl :)

Diana said...

oh you know i would love this

i love my almond shaped eyes (am i mexican or asian? no one can tell but the answer is both!)

i love how i have the courage to speak the truth (even if it sucks)

love this. love you!

alissa said...

an awesome image - and awesome idea. i like my shoulders.
now i need to work on loving the rest!

stacy di said...

GREAT post! I'm usually focused on all the things I hate about my bod.

1)physical: I like my arms...I've been working out lately, and they are starting to get toned and strong.

2)personality: I am pretty darn nice. I like that about me.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I have no idea how I missed this post yesterday! I like my laugh. Sometimes it's a little too loud I suppose (but one time my mom told me it was "melodic"). And I'm lucky enough to have long eyelashes. Thanks for this post Christina. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and you make all of us feel good every day!

flutter said...

you've been featured on fabulous flutters :)

Magpie said...

i love my blue eyes, even though i can't see them.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CeruleanCharm said...

7 months later I find this post and it has made my day. I love all the feedback and it's such a nice perspective for me, knowing that I am so hard on myself, this is just what I needed.
So thank you...
Although I've allowed myself to get bigger than I'd prefer, I'm back in the gym and working on it. But I'm learning you can be beautiful at any size. I like my smile. I never had braces, my teeth are slightly crooked and my lips are plump, but I still like it most. I used to hate my big smile, but now I've grown to love it and thanks to the MAC girls, red lipstick always cheers me up. And about me, I love that I have this notion to help others even before myself. If I have nothing to give, I'll at least make time and give my attention and my helping hand. If I've made them smile, or made their day better, it makes my day better.
That was nice to think about, I'm going to keep this revolution in mind...

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