Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long lost friend

Dear Ruche,
How is it that we have never met? I just can't believe you've been out there w/out me to appreciate and love on you. Well, no more! You and I are going to be the best of friends, you just wait and see. Let me count the reasons why I already love you:
Vanilla Creme Beaded Bracelet $9.99
Rosie Posie Garden Dress $29.99
Oh and you carry organic (affordable!) clothing? It almost seems to good to be true.
Gray Trim Organic V-Neck Tank $32.99
And what is this? Cute, embellished shoes? Oh my goodness.
Pink Studio Winnie Peep Toe Flats $68
source: Ruche {shoes via Love it A lot}
What is this you say? You're solely an online based boutique? I think I'm in love.


Blair said...

Oh, LOVE it! You are too cute. Those shoes are so fun and love that they carry organic clothing. Thank you for the introduction:)

Kotori said...

I think Ruche and I might need to become friends too!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog... I'm enjoying reading yours.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

oh those flats are fab.

Tamstyles said...

I love them..I just found them and your blog. GREAT FINDS

Teresa said...

Great find! I love that v-neck tank.

tanya said...

oooh I'm craving that v-tank and that gorgeous bracelet. YUM :-)

PS~Erin said...

I have a feeling I could become good friends with Ruche as well... Thanks for sharing! Just found your blog and have quite enjoyed reading it. See you around!!

Courtney said...

SOOO cute! I love this site.

alissa said...

I looove that site - I can't believe how cute and reasonable everything is! Great taste

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