Monday, February 23, 2009

Nourish your skin

This past Christmas I received a lovely gift set by Pangea Organics from B's sister (if you haven't noticed B has, quite possibly, the sweetest family ever). I'm a huge fan of organic body care, but finding a brand I really like has been somewhat of a task. I love a foamy body wash and although I'm not intimidated by scents like sandlewood and jasmine, I prefer them in moderation. The gift set I received includes Shower gel, bar soap, sample lotion and a soap dish. The scents are spot on and the shower gel foams like a dream, but the coolest thing about this brand is the packaging. The boxes are made using a "Zero Waste process with 100% post consumer paper" and you can actually plant the packaging b/c it contains seeds!
"Harmony" holiday gift set $35
source: Earth 911
I have the Egyptian Basil and Mint body wash and B uses the Canadian Pine w/White Sage bar soap. Body wash costs $16 a bottle (8.5 oz) and it goes a long way.
source: Vickery
I'm currently in the market for a good facial mask and if this is like the other products I've tried, it will be worth every penny.
Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry $40
source: All Natural Baby
My mom taught me that if there's one thing to spend money on, it's your skin. I have a lot to live up to b/c my grandmother never had wrinkles, although I attribute that to her living on an island and eating only what came from my grandpa's garden. Regardless, I don't generally skimp on skincare b/c good skin is something you'll carry w/you til' the end. Any other organic body care favorites out there?


Claire said...

I'm kind of obsessed with this topic. I am also kind of obsessed with Sephora, and I've used tons of their fancy moisturizers. Of course, it depends on your skin type (mine is a little bit dry). I'm currently using Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Rich Cream, which I LOVE . . . it is definitely pricey ($54), but worth it!! Then again, I swear by anything Dior--I use Dior airflash foundation (seriously--makes your skin look like a doll's), Dior blackout mascara, eyeshadow, and liquid eyeliner. No wonder I have to babysit three times a week to supplement my teaching salary . . .

I also really love Korres Thyme Honey moisturizer, seen here:

it's a little more affordable ($32.50) and works wonders!

I love this topic, seriously. :)

anonymously chic said...

oooh, thanks for the good suggestions. i want skin like a doll's! we have some things in common, b/c like you, i am obsessed w/sephora. i can't go in unless i'm armed w/ a friend to pull me away or i'll be in big trouble.

Claire Kiefer said...

Next time you go to Sephora, don't wear any makeup, and then go to Dior and try the Airflash spray foundation. I've never used anything like it. It is $60, but it makes your skin look literally flawless. omg! Sephora!

colby ranae said...

origins youthtopia... it's my love potion! heart your site missy! bless you!! x

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