Friday, January 30, 2009

When worlds collide

So, as I mentioned before, B and I are moving to a new house the beginning of March. I really hate moving. In fact, I once read in a psychology class that moving is the second most stressful thing in life right under losing a child. Moving may suck, but even I recognize it's not THAT bad. The study does get the point across that people, in general, do not like to uproot and start again. If you're anything like me, the thought of packing and carrying and unpacking is enough to give me a migraine (and I'm actually quite sick w/a cold so it's a possibility I'll get one anyways). The good thing is we're not moving far away, only a couple streets down as a matter of fact. Athens is a small town so there's no need for a moving van plus my biceps will thank me later. I think part of why I don't like moving is the complete and utter feeling of disorganization that comes when you can't find your stinking toothbrush or a fresh pair of underwear. I don't like boxes around and it makes me extremely happy when I can find something I'm looking for, so in other words, moving is simply not for me. But, alas, it is time to inhabit a new place as we have clearly worn out our welcome here. (Thank you neighbors that have giant keg parties and live bands all hours of the night).
I am looking forward to decorating the new place but I'm hesitant. I'm hesitant b/c moving takes money, period. And I'm not the type of person to take things slowly. I want things to be in their place quickly and I want a home to feel like a home, not a makeshift storage area. So, I've really had to temper myself, financially and stylistically. The other part of the scenario in this is having a boyfriend/roomate that doesn't see eye to eye w/me on all my "great finds." I've told B that I'm only going to buy things for the house that we BOTH love, which I'm coming to find out is a bit more arduous of a process that I originally thought. Well I was so confident with this find that I didn't bother checking w/B before buying b/c I just knew he would love it (I need to stop making assumptions).
It's a vintage door knocker from etsy:

Artsy Dove $9.99

I love the worn look of this piece and we could use it as a door knocker or in the bathroom as a towel holder. Either way I found it pretty promising. When I showed it to B, he didn't really respond. After some prying, he admitted that he didn't like it because it's pink. "Is that all?" I asked, much to my horror. He stated that we could repaint it and I told him if he wants to repaint it, that's all him b/c I like the pale pink. For some reason I assumed a pink lion wouldn't be as bad as say a pink coverlet. But no, pink is pink and for B, pink is bad. Needless to say, I'm having to practice some patience on finding things we'll both be happy with. Lucky for me, he did like the yellow vintage lamp I picked out, also from etsy:

My Southern Lace $15.00

I figure w/a gray lampshade, this piece will fit in perfectly. I was surprised, nonetheless, to hear him say he liked it b/c I thought it would be too feminine, but apparently pale yellow isn't a girly color after all.
I'm kind of in love w/Etsy so I'll be referring to it A LOT.
We both also love this Robin's blue vintage chandelier:

My Finch's Studio $67

First of all, this chandelier would look fabulous is our new pale yellow kitchen and the seller is an Athens native so we wouldn't have to pay shipping and it would be 10% off. It's too bad blue chandeliers aren't in my budget this month. I'm crossing my fingers for a lighting fixture miracle.
One of the things we are going to try to incorporate in this house that we lack in our current house is framed artwork. I want the walls to be covered in images that will add character and life to the rooms. We've agreed on these prints below b/c the colors are wonderful and the images are funny and appealing:

berkleyillustration $15 for 8x10 print

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want a completely feminine apartment w/no input from B. B has really good taste and definitely has his own opinions about what looks good. For us, it's about compromise and about narrowing down what we think will make the biggest impression on the space with the least amount of financial damage.


Corie said...

We have 15 of those awesome prints. we're making an army. An army of well-dressed animals.

keith p. rein said...

yes. we do. it's awesome. you should be sure to vote at their blog each month on the next animal. i say vote for a fucking elephant cause i want a fucking elephant.

anonymously chic said...

elephants are cool w/me. and do you two always have to have the coolest stuff? huh?

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