Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Birthday Wish List

I turn 30 in exactly one month. YIKES! I've narrowed my wish list down to three items that wouldn't normally make their way into our budget. I figure that turning 30 is a good excuse for a little extravagance (that's what I keep telling myself anyway).

1) I have absolutely no experience taking care of nice sunglasses. In fact, years ago, I vowed to spend no more than $20 on a pair of shades because of my talent to lose and abuse any pair of shades that were unfortunate enough to find me as their owner. But, surely I've learned some responsibility in my 20s and can now be tasked with taking care of some pretty aviators. Surely?

2) A handcrafted tote made from Argentinian leather, this bag by Cuyana could easily become my everyday work bag. I love the soft powder pink color but there are only 2 left so if you're reading this and happen to be my husband, hurry!

3) Ah yes. I understand that many people would not even consider spending $140 on a hairbrush, and normally I wouldn't either but I'm turning 30, remember?! I've read so many positive reviews about Mason Pearson brushes (I want this particular style) and I'm thinking with a brush this nice, you'd only need one for your entire life. Assuming you don't lose it of course, which is probably something I would do. Hmmm.

So that's it. Three items for my 30th. I'll be happy with one. Or with none assuming I get flowers and whiskey. I'm really not that high maintenance when it comes down to it. Don't let that $140 hairbrush fool you.


Unknown said...

ooo I'm lovin those ray bands. I find when I have expensive sunglass's like these I take way better care and caution with them, but on the other hand it's kinda a drag worrying about scratching or braking them ;)

catie said...

i have the mason pearson brush.
i've had it for nearly ten years.
i love it ~ it's even my kids' favorite brush.
you'll have it forever ♥

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