Friday, March 22, 2013

Shop: Saturday

jeans // pouch // skirt // weekender // top // dress // phone case
Have you seen visited the new Kate Spade Saturday online shop yet? I've been looking forward to this more affordable line for some time now and goodness knows there's been a lot of hype about it online. And for good reason, if I don't say so myself! As you can tell, I'm quite smitten with this bright, abstract pattern that's available on everything form skinny jeans to an iphone case, pillow cover and even sneakers. There are plenty of stripes and solids available to. So much goodness over at Saturday. Have a very happy weekend! 


Melanie said...

I haven't seen their new collection!! So pretty! Wow...I have to check these out!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Anonymous said...

I love Kate Spade products!
This year I feel like wearing brighter, bolder clothing to my daily outfits... even if the weather here in Britain is downright grim ;D

Thanks for the colourful inspiration!


Helen said...

I love kate spade saturday! I really like this example of how much an authority they are on cross-merchandise design. This print is phenomenal!

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