Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 things

1// hand brooches $35 by jordan grace owens 2// wooden stool $85 by pecan workshop 3// striped cushion cover $38 by skinny laminx 4// floating shelves $95 by handmade riot 5// egg crochet pattern $3 by Kits+diezijn 6// porcelain tube pendant necklace $46 by cla contemporary 

Soooo many favorites. If you're looking for an Easter themed craft, these crochet eggs might be a good place to start. Who knew egg ornaments were a thing? I like it.


Melanie said...

I love those floating shelves!! I've been admiring those for quite some time now! Beautiful things!

Ergo - Blog

Audrey - This Little Street said...

Love these together! So pretty :)

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