Monday, February 18, 2013

Wish list 2.18.13

1// riley dot tote $260 by rennes 2// nail polish in heather blush $14.99 by scotch naturals 3// the duet mini wedge $128-$138 via madewell 4// asesop hand balm $25 5// wooden tasting spoon set $44 via leif 6// set of 3 letterpress notepads $10 by arminho

I'm starting off this week with a pretty ambitious wish list. What's the point of a wish list if not to aim high though, right?
So, I've been holding on to a gift certificate to Madewell that I received over Christmas. I've been guarding it with my life, not wanting to spend it on just anything (gift cards paralyze me for some reason. It's a strange phenomenon that I won't get into now). I'm thinking these shoes will be my belated Christmas gift. They're the sandal that's not quite a sandal and they're perfect for Spring. I'll finally be able to part ways with my gift card knowing that I waited for the perfect purchase. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself. No regrets dammit.


Melanie said...

Those mini wedges would be perfect for the spring!!! I would definitely spend the money on those!! =)

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Claire Kiefer said...

Ha, I totally know what you mean about gift cards. The pressure to make the right decision!!!!!!

That bag is adorable & wooden spoons are my favorite. xoxoxo

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