Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trivets by Fort Standard

I started noticing the trivets people use during this holiday season as I attended many a food based gathering. Random, I know, but true. Trivets are functional, of course, but rarely have I seen one that I like and thought, "I MUST have that trivet." Until now. These stone and leather trivets by Fort Standard are trivet perfection.  They're available in the Fort Standard shop and at The Future Perfect ($80). I'm pretty sure trivets fall under the category of items you want to buy once and not have to buy again, right? I'd be willing to make the commitment with a couple of these. Oh, and if you're looking for another beautiful, functional kitchen tool, might I suggest these Fort Standard bottle openers?


Melanie said...

Are they coasters? What are trivets used for...they are pretty...


Christina said...

trivets are used to protect counters and tables from hot plates (e.g. for a dinner party). they would make awesome coasters if they were a bit smaller though :)

Kate said...

Okay, that is The Classiest Bottle Opener I Have Every Seen!

So pretty.

Kate from Clear the Way

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