Friday, December 7, 2012

Interiors: Decorate Workshop Blog Tour

Reading Holly Becker's Decorate Workshop was akin to sitting down with a knowledgable, unpretentious, practical and enthusiastic friend and discussing the process of making a space your own. In other words, reading this book was not only easy (and that's saying a lot with a busy schedule) but it was encouraging, insightful and, most importantly, motivating. I've been in a decorating rut lately which I don't think is uncommon when you rent a space and don't always feel like you can make the changes you'd ideally like to make.

I think what I appreciated most about this book, besides the obvious eye candy, was Holly's down to earth tone. Her advice, found in 8 easy-to-follow steps contains tons of prompts, accompanied by plenty of space to take notes. These prompts encourage a certain mindfulness when it comes to addressing design in your home, a mindfulness that allows a person to take ownership of their own personal tastes and style which, as well all know, is not always an easy thing to do.

One of the areas I really get stuck in when it comes to making any space my own is money. I tend to get intimated by our meager budget and therefore don't move forward with anything. In Step 3, Holly addresses setting a budget, knowing when to splurge, getting creative with what you have and simply being realistic with your expectations. Infusing a space with personality takes creativity and resourcefulness which brings me encouragement when the money isn't always there. 
I'll be referring to this book again and again as I plan for small projects as well as take on bigger endeavors. B and I are planning to move soon so I'm looking forward to planning for a new space! 
Decorate Workshop is available for purchase at Chronicle Books, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Amazon. You can find a full list of blogs participating in the blog tour right here.


Anna @ IHOD said...

Well said! Sometimes a step by step is all we need to get the motivation and practical things going:)

Melanie said...

Ooo I have to buy this book...Actually I'm going to put this on my Christmas list! I feel like I can really take away a lot from it! =)

Ergo - Blog

Audrey - This Little Street said...

So know what you mean about the feelings that go with renting a place.....I can't wait for us to have our own place. I need to get my hands on Holly's book!

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