Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest (finally)

What took me so long? Well, I honestly didn't think I could handle another social media outlet! With working a full time job, maintaining this space and my tumblr page, tweeting, and having time leftover to enjoy friends and family, I just didn't think I could put anything else on my plate. And then it dawned on me the other day as I'm preparing to collaborate with a group of bloggers on a little project (more on that later), that the Pinterest train has left me far behind. So I decided to sign up and you know what? It's easy! And fun. And it's not any more work than I normally do in bookmarking except it's more organized. Plus, did I mention it was fun? So, you can now find me on Pinterest. My favorite boards thus far are get in my belly, jewels and gems and inspiration for a good hair day. I think I'll keep interiors over on tumblr for now because I've posted over 2,000 spaces and I like my tumblr followers. They're a good crew. So let's be pinning buddies, ok? You can follow my pins here. Now if I could just get a smartphone, I might be able to join the rest of you in civilization. xo

**update- so something funky is going on with my account. Pins are appearing that I did not pin or repin and I've contacted the Pinterest support team to help. I guess there was something to that whole, "I can't put anything else on my plate" babble...
**update 11/14- I'm desperately trying to get whatever issues are happening on my account fixed. If you notice random pins- ugly denim skirt, random puppies, etc. it's because there's either a major bug or I've been hacked. So much for Pinterest being easy! I'm hoping their support team can help asap.
**update 11/24- all is well in the world. My account has been cleaned up thanks to the Pinterest support team. Yay.


Audrey - This Little Street said...

yay glad you're on the train :D

Shawna said...

That random appearance of pins you didn't choose happened to a friend of mine too. I wish I could remember how he fixed it. It seemed like pinterest had signed him up to follow people he did not choose himself, perhaps as some wort of welcome gift. Check to see who you are "following" and that might help to sort it out.

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