Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gift Idea: Calendar Tea Towels

1// zodiac tea towel $22 by hello tenfold 2// 2013 calendar towel $25 by avril loreti 3// calendar year dish towel (set of 3) $32 4// veggie towel $22 by meghan mccrary 5// tomato varieties towel $28 by katherine codega 6// retro aqua tea towel $22 by hello tenfold

The great thing about giving a calendar tea towel, as opposed to a paper calendar, is that there's no pressure on behalf of the receiver to display the calendar. Of course, displaying it is always an option but tea towels are fun because they're functional, right? So why not gift your friendly hostess a tea towel that helps her keep track of time?


Rhianne said...

Ohh I love these, I'd never have thought of getting a calender tea towel but these are beautiful

Rebecca and Lori said...

Those are so cute! What a fun idea for a hostess gift.

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